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  1. That’s nearly as long a wait as the HSE. Once I’m not left on a trolley in a corridoor it should be ok.

  2. I’m afraid I’m getting my hair done on Sunday. Could you arrange it for when I’m done? I’ll have the RTÉ run an announcement so you know when to start.

  3. Should RTE change its name to BTE (Biffo’s Television Enterprise)?
    I know what a form is! Go look at my web site. There are forms all over it. Thousands of them. You’ll see! Just go check it out.
    I once walked up to a Bang & Olufsen BeoCenter 2000 to flip the record over and as I turned down the volumne a light lit up and it said, “Please Wait”. So I did.
    That ‘Please Wait’ light is just like the Comments are Closed line. Geez! 🙂
    Now go check out my site, You’ll see!

  4. Maxi – Having read your problem, I can appreciate your concern. I do think however you should urgently see a specialist before Sunday?

    Jack – If I go to Mass, I will post when I get home. That OK?

    Kae – Fine. Can you ask them to put it on Aertel as well?

    Brianf – I have seen your website, and you are an excellent writer. In particular, I like today’s post. I don’t see many forms though…….

    Stipes – Have you submitted a problem?

  5. Thanks Grandad, I know I’m not a excellent writer. I try. My most recent post is just the truth!! I’m not going to say what my most recent post is about so everyone coming here will have to go my site and find out. My Google analytics will look great…for a day or two. 🙂
    btw, the check cleared my Bahaimian account and the… ‘ahem’ … “machine parts” will be blind shipped forthwith via Bolivia, Germany, Estonia and then to your receiver in Galway. You should have the new updated Anti-SUV…err…I mean the new “machine parts” within the week.
    and BTW, if you didn’t see any forms, how did you place your last order? huh? huh?
    You know as well as I do that all the forms are on the super secret, hidden, unavailable to the public, unknown to most, really really secret, illegal international arms dealing page that I only allow a very few clients know about. Oops!
    Nevermind all that!
    I’m going to go back to hacking Chinese web sites. They get SO upset when I open up Youtube to the general publc.

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