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  1. I think that we could up this guerilla art attack. get printouts of the pictures and paste them over any adverts on the street that show His Holiness’s likeness, maybe print out some brochures and add them surreptitiously to the piles of other informative brochures in banks and post offices.

    it would be fun. maybe mildly anarchistic, but fun nonetheless.

  2. Kae – Why not wait until the elections? There will be plenty of placards littering the countryside just waiting to be ‘improved’?

  3. Cathal Goan should resign not for the news article but for pandering to the government. This isn’t China or even 1930’s Germany. The state doesn’t control the media.

    Actually I suppose they do control RTE.

  4. I was surprised RTÉ covered the story initially but glad they did. But now I’m mildly disgusted that they caved and withdrew the story, even issued an apology. It’s not on.

    RTÉ have to cover stories as they happen and this was certainly newsworthy. At the least as an antidote to all the doom and gloom that prevails in the rest of the news and current affairs output.

  5. Media should never be under the thumb of government; sadly it always seems to be. Meanwhile I’m loving the Korea photo.

  6. Robert – It has been fairly obvious that RTE are under the governmemt’s thumb. This latest episode should be enough to satisfy even the greatest cynic.

    Allan – I have to congratulate you on a brilliant piece of artwork. The only thing you omitted was a little puddle between Cowan’s feet? Don’t worry – I won’t tell the Gardaí where you live.

    NaRocRoc – Frankly if I were Cowan [which, thatks be to God, I’m not] I would have been amused by the whole affair. It gave people a laugh, and while not very flattering, was hardly offensive.

    Susan – RTE has been under the Government’s thumb since the days of Hall’s Pictorial Weekly, thirty years ago.

  7. Now you know how we have felt since the 90’s. Here the Mainstream Media, that is to say NBCCBSABCCNNNPRPBSMSNBC and most all major newspapers, have been in the pockets of the Demoncrat party.
    Back when Matt Drudge first broke the Monica Lewinsky story it took weeks until the MSM were all but forced to pick it up and report on it.
    I like Kae’s idea. Don’t wait for the elections. Folks should be plastering every available wall with likenesses of those paintings.
    Our new president, Comrade the Messiah, doesn’t go or do anything without his telepromter. Even his press conference was just another prepared speech. Do you hear this any where in the MSM news cycles? I don’t think so.

  8. if the cops knock on my door in the middle of the night, I’m blaming grandad – it was all his idea

  9. They need out of government now!

    Revolution! I’ll bring whatever Airsoft guns I can rent 🙂

  10. It’s a bit of a worry. If they can supress something as frivolous as Cowan in the jacks just think the lengths they would go to keep the state of the economy secret….

  11. Brianf – One of these days I’ll manage to write something where you won’t have an excuse to attack BO? Whatever you think about him, he isn’t the crass idiot our yoke is.

    Kae – Surely you are used to that by now?

    TheChrisD – Do you want my contact on eBay??

  12. I was just reading that the Gardai have interviewed the artist and are preparing a file to send to the DPP.


    What are the charges I wonder?

  13. Just to answer my own question, I saw this load of shite on the RTE news site:

    “It is understood the man may be prosecuted for alleged criminal damage after he was captured by CCTV putting glue on to the gallery walls before hanging the pictures.”


  14. Bernard – The perfect term! Unfortunately the Bloggy world has chosen ‘picturegate’ for some strange reason.

  15. I don’t need an excuse to tell the truth about Comrade The Messiah.
    “he isn’t the crass idiot our yoke is.”
    Time will tell. You’ll see. I can all but guarantee you that if Cowengate happened here he would have jack-booted thugs fanning out throughout the country and no news organization would need to apologize because none of them would have reported ANYTHING about it. It would only be the evil internet journalists, whose sites would suddenly be shut down. Just as you said, All hail our glorious leader. We appear to be in a similar boat.

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