Elocution lessons — 10 Comments

  1. Bwhahahahaha!
    We’ve been waiting for you to upgrade Roger’s software. Now between the rat-thing and Roger we’ll keep an eye on you. Oh and by the way even the french don’t know how to pronounce some of those names.

  2. God job Roger doesn’t live in Georgia. We have French and other European named towns here. It’s unbelievable how they are pronounced.
    Vienna is Vy(as in high)ena(as in Sharples)
    Versaille is Versales.
    Macon is Make on.
    Cordele is Cor deal ya and my personal favorite is
    Decatur which is Dick ate her.

  3. This post had me in stitches. It’s about high time I got a Roger (or the female equivalent – men don’t like to ask for directions – does Roger come programmed to do that?) I wonder if I could get a SAT NAV with an Irish accent – if you think Roger’s French is bad, you should hear the Yanks! They don’t have a clue! 🙂

  4. The CIA – If you think I’m daft enough to download upgrades without filtering out your amateurish add ins, you have another think coming. Tell your boys to stop naming files with names like ‘cia-spy.exe’.

    TT – The two that amuse me here are two of the big ports – Cobh and Dún Laoghaire. They always seem to end up as ‘kob H’ and ‘dunn lagair’ instead of ‘cove’ and ‘dun leery’. I wouldn’t mind moving to Dick Ate Her?

    Tricia – There is a huge range of voices. I could drive around to the melodious tones of an Aussie, or even a Yank [God help us]. I could also change languages and may do that to see what the Koreans make of our place names? Roger never asks for directions. He’s stubborn like that.

  5. My Sat nav understands me and never judges. I have a software that enables her to laugh at all of my jokes. I wonder if I can upload it onto my blog too.

  6. How the feck do you get Cove and Dunleery from those names ? I would have sworn it was Done La Whore.

  7. Just wait until Roger starts to send notices to the local authorities that you have exceeded the speed limit.

    I am also reading where in the USA they want to make SAT NAV devices mandatory, so they can add a extra tax on the miles you drive as well as on the fuel, as well as on registering a vehicle, as well as on owning a vehicle, as well as on buying a vehicle, as well as… Damn we are being taxed like a bunch of Europeans.

  8. I do hope Roger doesn’t say ‘Dunleary’ instead of Doon Lair-ah as the nice Ms Doyle does on the news.

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