To the people of Tver — 19 Comments

  1. So that’s what happened to your home page. It’s getting to be a regular blogging Cold War with Russia these days. or at least until that nuk of yours hits.

    Glad to know the good stuff is still available on eBay. I thought they might have yanked it all off with that restructuring/revamping business that’s been going on of late.

    And what did I tell you about that guinea pig?

  2. Kirk M – I just did a search for tver on and already this page is appearing. I seem to have cracked it.

    What’s all this about nukes and Russia? The last few hours are a mental haze. And that damned guinea pig is staring at me again……

  3. It was called Kalinin when I was there. I still have “friends” in the area should you seriously want anything done.

  4. Yes, definitely the guinea pig had a hand in it. Sandy will need to go under cover on this one, I think.

    Sorry about missing out on the distant gunfire, but surely playing with megaton-missiles makes up for it just a bit?

  5. Well Grandad I’m glad to see you in such rare form today. I’m also sorry to hear about you missing out on “opening day”. I have to agree with the other commenters in that I think the rat-thing had something to do with it too. We should have some interesting sunrises and sunsets in the next few week though so not all is lost.

  6. TT – I didn’t know you used to have friends there. Sorry. I could have asked them to nip around to Sovetskaya 60-11, and shoot the fucker. If they wanted to phone in advance, his number used to be +7.4822342452, but I’d say that will just give an ‘out of order’ signal now.

    Susan – It’s good fun watching the yoke lift off, but the real fun is in the bang. No mention of it on the news this evening though. They’re too busy waffling about some bloke called Patrick.

  7. Brianf – I’m not too worried about missing the first day. There are plenty of good days left between now and the closing day of the season on the 16th March 2010.

  8. Nuke?

    That’s as nothing compared with the Old Testament curses falling upon the nasty little runt at the moment. Like Malachi 2:3, Psalm 137:9 and Deuteronomy 28:53 for starters.

  9. Loius – Thanks for the help. T’was a tricky one to find!

    Ian – I am surprised at you. Is Deuteronomy 28:53 the origin of the expression ‘eat shit and die’?

  10. Grandad,

    That’s the advantage of being a Prod – excommunication is not much of a threat compared to a face full of dung!

  11. Good to see you back on form young man – stay angry and learn ‘guinea pig lingo’ I think shewas giving you a heads up there!

  12. I’ve just did some thinking and I think I found a way to monitor changes made to the .htaccess file, which in turn will trigger an email alert to the website owner.

    I’ll make it available for download, once I run few test, making sure is working as it should, so if anyone would like to give it a try, let me know.

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