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  1. “Once again I congratulated myself on my foresight in replacing the fuses with lumps of metal, as this surely would have blown any fuse.”

    Eureka! We may have some progress in the recent Great Mystery : “Why do Grandad’s computers give so much trouble”?

  2. Francis – Surely my fuse arrangement is what computers need? An Uniterruptable Power Supply?

  3. I hope that’s the C4 in your front hall. If you ruined another load of TNT I swear I’m going to use your real name for the next shipment. Better yet, I’ll let you deal with those Algerians directly. Fizzy blue waterfalls indeed!
    Oh, yea! The books! They better not be those code books I sent you. You’ve seen, “Three Days of the Condor” I suspect.

  4. It’s always good when you’re able to finally recall what’s going on about you. Relieves a lot of aggravation and confusion, especially when passing people you don’t know while on your way to the bathroom.

    And I’d advise you wear your muck boots when you’re admiring your back room waterfall. Humans make terrible resistors.

  5. Water features are lovely, yours sounds very nice with the blue lighting.

    When we had builders in to re-roof our house the lovely chappies must have thought we needed a skylight and proceeded to knock the chimney in through the roof… ended up on the bed…luckily meself and himself weren’t in the bed at the time.

    The builders came in to have a look and then went out to their van. We thought bless them they are getting tools to sort the skylight out….they weren’t they were sat in there having their bloody lunch!

  6. Brianf – Don’t worry. God, but you’re a right old woman. Nothing was damaged except the builder’s teeth. “Three Days of the Condor”? Possibly. You know what my memory is like?

    Irish M – That is more or less what we have now. I’m also thinking of getting some indoor piranha, which would be a nice addition?

    Kirk M – I know. Actually, Herself and I have taken to wearing name-tags. That helps. And don’t worry about me – I can resist anything if I set my mind to it.

    Val – Suerly they were doing you a favour? That means you could smoke in bed quite happily?

  7. Jaysus you’re fierce posh down there in Wicklow with your water fountains. I had one once, and an indoor mud bath. Ah! they were the Tiger Days when builders built fast and moved on swiftly…. out of the country 😉

  8. I’d go with Alligators instead of Piranhas. When you get tired of them you can get nice boots and maybe a hand bag for herself.

  9. If the end result is a handbag, go with the tropical Pradas. Ask for them in your local pet shop….snigger

  10. Piranhas and alligators are out. I have decided to go with electric eels. Let’s watch the sparks fly!!

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