Justifiable paranoia — 6 Comments

  1. A supermarket chain are selling toasters and kettles for £4 each and a hand blender for £3. Remember when you had to buy a plug for every new electric item you bought. Now you get the item, including plug for more or less the same relative price as that little plug used to be. Bizarre.

  2. We will be glad to send you another all-in-one printer thing. Even though we’re short staffed right now. Most of the good employees quit on January 19th. We’ll get that right out to you. By the way, our electronics department was inqureing as to how you and Roger are getting along? If you’re not we’ll send you another one of those too. Oh and please tell, “The Builders” that they are doing a great job!

  3. All these electronics with their new chip-brains, oh, Grandad, watch out, they ARE spying on us! What other fun can these things have after all, besides messing with us? I swear my printer inserts typos that were not there, when I proofread. I swear. Brains don’t belong in machines.

    I have about a dozen of those printer-fax-copier things, because they’re so easy to find on offer for fifty euros or so…then it turns out I need to special-order the ink from the Emerald City at €100 per cartridge. What BS, so I end up getting a whole new one for half that. It IS a huge waste.

  4. Milton – Not only do you get a “free” plug but you always get one of those horrible little plastic guards over the pins. Why? Are they afraid the plug is live?

    CIA – You can keep your electronics stuff, thanks. I know all about your “supplimentary circuits”. I’m glad the bugs that the “builders” installed are working well – I removed them all and they are now in the ladies jax down in the pub. Happy listening.

    Susan – I have enough trouble taming my laptop without worrying about placating my peripherals. I have a mountain of old printrs, scanners and other yokes rusing in the pak yard. Any time my printer makes a typo, I show it a photo of the pile. I don’t get too many printer errors!

  5. “When I were a lad”
    I was so glad to go out in the haytime?
    (Adge Cutler & The Wurzles.)

  6. Ah those plastic guards on the plugs [the said plugs that cost €2 but are on sale complete with the electronic component for £3 – someone explain that] – agree GD what is that about! Don’t tell me it’s an EU directive to instruct the Chinese (or whoever make these) to produce protective devices which by their nature make the whole component totally inoperable unless you remove and bin. No useful function but to clog the world with non degradable waste and contribute mightily to the apparent aim to blissfully igonore the Kyoto targets…

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