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  1. Well, I’m jealous. I don’t even have a desk. I do however have a mess to put on it, when the time comes.

  2. Now this picture makes me feel better. My desk looks about the same. I think it’s a sign of a great mind at work.. 🙂 I was a teacher for many years (and will be again soon) and I always had a desk that was terribly messy – but I knew where everything was when I needed it. (I had the children trained to find things too!). Keep it the way it is – the creative juices will flow better 🙂

  3. My mess is now digital. My computer screen looks as cluttered as your desktop. Isn’t modern technology wonderful!

  4. I use to have the sign on my desk
    “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind,
    what’s an empty desk a sign of?”

  5. Tricia – Ask me to find anything, and I’ll have it in a flash. I have my own unique filing system.

    Jim C – I am ashamed to say that I rarely use the desktop, except to look at it. I delete any icons that appear there because they interfere with my nice pictures.

    5h4mr0(k – Woops. I just wrote a reply to Jim C which may land me in trouble?

    Robert – Lovely? Have yu got any spare PCs? It doesn’t matter if they don’t work, as long as they look impressive.

  6. Hey GD!

    Is the writing on the pageholder a hitlist of govt officials that cause you most irritation?

    Loving the hackers toolkit… you subversive! 🙂

    and…why the wet wipes?


  7. Elf – Good eyesight! In fact it is the last page of eight names on my Primary Hitlist. The wet wipes are great for cleaning down keyboards. I use them every five years or so. There is a handy tip for everyone. I meant to hide that toolkit before taking the photo!

  8. all perfectly reasonable answers….. hmmmm…. now I *am* suspicious! 🙂

  9. I love it – it says so much about you ….and dried up baby wipes – are they still good for cleaning after years on your desk?

  10. My desk is neurotically tidy… but then, that’s because every time I’m doing anything like hard work I decide there’s no way I can possibly do it without spending several hours tidying everything in sight. Procrastination is a wonderful thing!

  11. i called myself cleaning my desk yesterday. once i got rid of all the empty cigarette packs and butts, newspapers and catalogs, put the pens and such back in their holder, I was done. I’m looking at your picture, then my desk and thinking how similar they are. Only my piles are horizontal 🙂

    ooo robert…those pictures make my head hurt 🙂

  12. lol that made me smile….how do you find anything?
    I don’t have a desk…just a lap….credit crunch and all that 😀

  13. Elf – Suspicious of moi?????

    Kate – It is an intensely practical desk. Everything is to hand from spare batteries to spare bulbs. With a glob of spit, the baby wipes are perfect.

    JA – I like a bit of procrastination myself. I think I’ll do some tomorrow.

    Prin – My piles are very ordered. They start at the bottom and work their way all the way to the top. How more ordered can they be?

    Val – I know exactly where everything is. I am a wonder of modern technology.

  14. @Grandad, @prin – They are all in use. Things have been juggled around since those photos were taken but it’s more or less the same..

  15. I have to go along with 5h4mr0(k. I had a boss who once told me my cluttered desk was a sign of a cluttered mind. After I asked him what his empty desk was a sign of he never bothered me again.

  16. Enjoy the holiday in the Dordogne this year Grandad (heavy breathing, heavy breathing).

  17. Where did you put the hot water tank after you took it out of the press Grandad? I’ve seen more room in an empty weetabix box (family size).

  18. Brianf – Of course he never bothered you again. He was in his nice tidy office and you were out looking for a job.

    Captain. Thanks, and lay off the heavy breathing. That’s my department.

    Baino – It’s not in the photo, but there’s a wine store under the desk. I’m sure the champers would fit nicely there?

    TheChrisD – The message was passed on. She was not amused.

    Hoor – Are you implying that my desk is full? If you look closely, you can see bare patches of desk surface. There’s plenty more room.

  19. Good God, how old is that computer sitting on your desk? It looks like an old Packard Bell 486.

  20. Kirk M – It is an HP Vectra VE, and it’s eight years old. I know that because I robbed it out of RTE when I left there.

  21. Google ‘Tidy desk’ and ‘Bill Bryson’ and you will conclude a mess is much preferable!

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