Mankind has seen the light — 9 Comments

  1. It speaks volumes about our government in general, doesn’t it? They’re primary or perhaps only purpose for existence, is to continually justify themselves…like your traffic lights.

    Hey then, maybe it’s a politically-inspired art installation? I wonder if the Arts Council funded it? And damn, why didn’t I think of it first?

  2. Brianf – I shall never complain about taxes again. Well, maybe I will, but I look upon them with a new light [a red one].

    Susan – An art installation? It could be. More genius. No echo [I just deleted your duplicate comment, however the hell it got there?]

  3. Now that’s something. A damn nuisance justifying itself. It’s almost like someone discovered perpetual motion of annoyance.

  4. Quantum mechanics suggests the possibility of many universes – in one of them , at least, there will be no traffic lights, Bertie will still be Taoiseach and the price of the average semi in west Dublin will have passed €1 million

  5. Can’t you ‘borrow’ the traffic lights?
    Maybe herselfs builders could make use of them.
    It makes me laugh here where you see the workmen and they have to stop what they are doing (usually not much) to see who is driving past them.

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