In which I nearly get a cap — 17 Comments

  1. Upload speed is the one thing about broadband that most companies fail at horribly. Magnet thankfully, don’t 🙂

  2. TheChrisD – I have had a few approaches, and none of them can beat my current 3Mb upload. In fact it’s rare to see anytrhing over 512Kb.

  3. “But don’t you hate it when you phone someone and get a real fucking smartarse on the other end?”
    I have never placed a call to Ireland. 🙂

    I have 20 Mb throughput for both download and upload. It’s called Verizon FIOS.

  4. NaRocRoc – They won the Eurovision in 1945.

    Brianf – I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist bragging about your 20Mb. Bastard!

    Dorothy – 3Mb up and down, and rarely a glitch. I’m happy.

  5. Ah yes, but that wasn’t my question – what provider do you use? Did I ask you this before? Either I’m dejavu-ing or raving…

  6. Dorothy – Dejavu-ing and raving. You did ask before. I told you before [I think]. I’m with IBB.

  7. Grandad,

    Does anyone know what size is the entire Internet? Presumably someone has some idea!

    You might not fit it all onto one DVD, but presumably it would fit on the Isle of Wight? (When I was at school, we were told that everyone in the world could stand on the isle of Wight, but it would sink)

  8. About 1.3 petabytes – a petabyte is 1,125,899,906,842,624 bytes. However, I wouldn’t keep one – I believe they’re dangerous 🙂

  9. We used to have a package called ‘no limits’ they cut us off because we overused the service 😉
    I thought you might be doing a blog about tossing today (pancake day….so I did one instead) 😀

  10. Susan – I feel your pain. I was there for a very long time.

    Kate – I’ll phone you sometime?

    Ian and Dorothy – I’ll leave you two to get aquainted.

    Val – Like those web hosters who advertise ‘unlimited diskspace’? I must join and see how many petabytes I can upload!! So today was Pancake Day, was it?

    RhodesTer – Or comments from one?

  11. I have crap internet, with crap up and download speeds!

    I am jealous reading all the great speeds everyone on here
    are getting. You would think the Germans with their “efficient”
    mind set would give me some real speed! Guess they save
    it for the Autobahn. blah!

    Let me know when you get the internet on disk so I
    can use that instead 🙂

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