Once more unto the breach — 27 Comments

  1. I am mystified how anything could go wrong in so idyllic a location! Are you trying to hack the CIA computers again?

  2. Sufferring the same way myself Grandad.

    I’d buy a new one, this old dog is close to 9yrs old now. The thing is, the one that comes out next week is always better value. So I keep putting it off, and putting up with the uncooperative wee shite.

  3. Grandad says: And if any smart arse fucker out there says anything about Mac or Linux, I swear to God I’ll kill them.

    Francis says: … … … (I love my Mac, but I’m no martyr)

  4. Really, it’s the truth. You wouldn’t have these problems if you just switched to Lin…………..

  5. Grop Up & Robert – Yiz are both sailing very close to the wind!

    Ian – I don’t think it appreciates the beauties of nature…..

    The CIA – If I find out that it’s you lot again, Then be prepared for a rather nasty ‘incident’ in Langley, with [shall we say] a lot of fallout?

    Jack – I spray the inside of my laptop with insecticide every day. It goes in the washing machine every other day. I think it’s bug-free.

    Jimbo – Now here is the bit that pisses me off – it is only a couple of months old!! After the first crash, I bought this one. So, save your money…..

  6. I wish those guys down in Virginia would stop linking to my site.
    Hey Grandad, You’re the one who insists on using MS Vista!!!
    Remember Windows ME? Enough said, eh?

  7. Are you sure there are no saboteurs in your midst? Perhaps Minnie’s selling out to KGB operatives, saving up for a new wheel and bag of peanuts?

    Good luck with recovering/replacing everything, meanwhile.

  8. I am using m@( – works perfectly 🙂 But since you gonna kill me for this, you can take mine! Just show this comment to my fiancee.

  9. Hey,

    I feel your pain, I have lost a lot of my time and sometimes my data, when I do an angry wipe.

    I used to use to back up my bookmarks and synch them with my browser always worked well.
    Have been playing with Mesh at , it synchronises your files from one pc to another using the web , it has 5GB space for free, it is beta though, and you might be better off get a proper paid backup provider.

    As for having to re-install your apps, well, I cant wait until an Operating system ships with Application Virtualisation , so we can just copy images of our programs or just back them up on the cloud (that internet thing).
    Soon methinks,


  10. Brianf – I don’t insist on using Vista? Toshiba does. I ain’t going to buy an OS as well as a laptop!

    Susan – Minnie has been duly tortured, but she denys everything.

    Judit – Consider yourself for the chop. Your fiancee can have your m@(. I don’t want it.

    Rob – I have no problems with backups except that there are always a load of niggly things that get left out like the Registry file and the various files that hold setup info. When they sort that lot out I’ll be happy/happier.

    SHoop – I know all about your MA. Heh!

  11. For bookmarks try Foxmarks. Works on IE, Firefox and Safari. Syncs across computers on various OS and browsers. It can also remember passwords too so you can access them from any PC.

    You can now dual boot L***x and Vista (with L***x installed inside Windows using NTFS instead of on a separate partition. Even if you didn’t use the L***x OS you’d be able to access all your Vista files from the L***x installation should the Vista install fuck up so it should allow you to at least recover and copy settings files in an emergency. Try Mint 6, google “mint install vista”.
    And I never mentioned Linux once. Ah, fuck.

  12. And if any smart arse fucker out there says anything about Mac or Linux,

    I swear to God I’ll kill them.

    Makes me glad I’m a Windows geek 🙂

  13. What’s Linux?

    Obviously something that doesn’t work properly and don’t get me started on Mac, that bloke is responsible for all that’s bad in the world.

  14. BBB – I might even try that even if it means I have to get my hands dirty with L***x. If it doesn’t work, you’ll be in trouble [you b****x].

    TheChrisD – That’s my kind of talking. How’s Baby Bear?

    Maxi – Couldn’t agree more. And it’s not that often that we agree? Or do we?

    Kirk M – I have never owned a Dell, nor do I intend to. It must be the Uruk-hai so?

  15. Ah, I always knew you were high quality. Still, you seem to have a problem with laptops around your place for some reason. You have one of those surge protector dongles hanging on the end of the power supply cord?

    Okay, stupid question. Guess there’s nothing left to do but cry havoc, and release the (really small) dogs of war. That will root them Uruk-hai right out.

    Damn poor computer advice if you ask me. Best I shut up now.

  16. I just figured it out! You are using that nasty ESB electricity, aren’t you? That’s the heart of your problem!

    Why haven’t you switched to the much safer Bord Gais electricity, after they were so nice to some of your colleagues in the blog-o-sphere in the run-up to their big launch?

    There you were blaming the KGB and CIA, when all along it was a different TLA altogether!


  17. You can backup the registry etc.
    In your backup program, look for something called system state.

  18. He’s sitting in the corner all sad, as he’s being blamed for my latest computer issue 🙁

  19. Kirk M – All surge protected. Not that we get many surges here. In fact most of the time we are lucky to have power at all. The dogs have been released.

    Francis – I hate gas and will have nothing to do with it. The thoughts of gas powered computers fills me with terror.

    Darragh – One of these years, I’ll get the hang of all this computing crap. Until then……..

    TheChrisD – Ahhh! Poor Baby. Stop transferring your anger onto the poor mite.

  20. I’ll let him up again once I get home later tonight and get the screwdrivers to my machine…

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