Talking avatars — 25 Comments

  1. One year I have GOT to get to this event–I always want to and then can’t get there. It sounds like a marvellous time!

    Congratulations on being a Cult instead of a C*ahem*. Much better, I agree. And good luck with all the extra wives and their shoes!

  2. You’re now officially a cult? Goodness, does that mean I can’t visit you until I’ve severed all connections with my family and donated €50,000?

  3. I’m glad the natives treated you well down there.

    I’m determined to gather avatars myself next year, no excuses.

  4. Maxi – Herself can do all the shoe shopping for them. That’ll keep her happy. The others will be too busy with other things anyway! *cough*

    Susan – It is very hard to describe the atmosphere at these events. The place is full of strangers, yet you know nearly every one of them very well. The atmosphere is just great and the craic is mighty!

    Nick – You can keep the family ties but the cheque should be sent through the usual channels.

    Xbox – Yup. Badges are old hat now. Gathering avatars is the thing to do.

  5. I’m actually thinking I should update my own one, to one taken in the last few years anyway!

    That skinnyish fella is long gone.

  6. Great blog… crack me up!
    Btw, I am here via Ice Cream Irelands
    Post about the blog awards.

    Will stop in again for good laugh!


  7. Mighty night, was great to meet you in person along with Herself, TAT and K8. I’ve spent a while looking for incriminating evidence on the net and there is plenty of it out there!

  8. Xbox – You have the same problem as myself. My avatar photo was taken 20 years ago.

    Robert – It was great meeting you too. I have spent the day dodging photos and soundbytes of myself. Why the fuck did everyone feel compelled to photograph me??

  9. At least you were dressed sensibly and didn’t go to the big night in scanty female underwear, unlike certain wedding celebs.

  10. Ouch!! Sorry Kimme – not a very good welcome to the site. You got stuck in moderation [which I believe isn’t too painful?] And I’m sorry for cracking you too. Actually, I didn’t do it. It was him.

  11. Mmmm, missed out on all the hooplah about the awards, my job really does get in the way – did not even realise it was that time again, changes must be made, as usual reading your posts made me smile, will have to make more effort to visit again…

  12. LOL looking at myself and Bock in the same post our avatars are starting to look similar now, how bloody scary!

    Anyhow as I said to you in my hungover state yesterday twas a pleasure to smoke with you on more then one occasion and we must walk the promenade one day and reminisce about Cork.

  13. Natalie – You didn’t even know the awards were on?? Are you working on Rockall?

    McAWilliams – We can share a joint smoke on the top of the Sugarloaf?

  14. It was all too short. And so was the Irish Blog Awards.

    Very much a napping day today for meself – once I was done with washing that green stuff off my face.

  15. thanks Grandad – a true honour to meet you and ‘herself’. Looking forward to our next encounter 😆

  16. Congrats to you all on getting to be nominated. It sounds like you all had a heck of a time. As for the craic, it must have been great with all those people who love to write. I’d love to have been a fly on that wall… 🙂

  17. LOL…well I did see nomination badges but had no idea it was this past weekend, all work and no blog reading makes me a dull gal!

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