Lock up your daughters — 17 Comments

  1. Have a good safe trip, and good luck defending your title!
    Next time you need a Sandy-sitter, we’ll be happy to take her. (We’re on the way to Letterkenny, if you need to come looking for K8 afterwards.)

  2. Thanks, Susan. I’d take you up on your offer, as we’re looking for a sitter for a month later in the year, but unfortunately, you’re a bit far. You wouldn’t like to move to Wickla?

  3. Thanks all. Made it in one piece but only just.

    I’m in my room in the hotel at the moment, but there is a right rowdy mob of yokels downstairs. I daren’t go down for fear of being mugged.

  4. Apologies for the lck of responses but it ws a bit of a wild occasion!

    And the Grandad Dynasty picks up another gong 😉

    Good ol’ K8….

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