A mug’s game — 16 Comments

  1. dang, i’d have to go on a twitterhoing expedition to get enough followers to go on the thing…but i am envious and do love it so am considering it…

  2. Very cool! Hardly holds a pint, eh? I can see my avatar! But if you are careful you can cover it up with your thumb while imbibing.

  3. Prin – Am I following you? Are you following me? Are we going around in circles?

    NaRocRoc – You mean a muncher? Damnit but I have! I had forgotten about it. I’ll dust it off after its winter hibernation and give it The Last Post.

    Sixty – It is very strategically placed to catch all the dribbles. I knew you would appreciate that.

  4. Nifty! I like the mug!
    You could always feed the poor postman to Sandy perhaps? Would save a small fortune in dog food.

  5. Thanks for the shout out on the mug

    Re: snow – I thought the little dusting we got was bad here along the coast of the county. Nothing like the snow of 80 something (can’t remember the year) – drifts at the top of our road. Mad stuff altogether.

  6. That looks pretty cool. Can you get one done with blogspot followers? I can’t get me head around that twitter malarkey at all at all.

  7. Well now at least a virtual part of me will always be about your household. Sorry about that.

    And personally I’d just slap a “No such person at this address” sticker on his behind and send him back off to the post office before he thaws.

  8. JL – You should know – you chose to follow me? You are in great company.

    Brianf – You should have kept that slogan to yourself and sold it. It’s a good one. “GET YOUR MUG OF MUGS!!!”

    Susan – I have a feeling Sandy may have had a wee taste already. She has been looking a bit smug for a day or two.

    Le Craic – A shout out that is well warrented. That snow was in ’82. This was the heaviest since then and was quite enough for me. We had nearly a foot on the lawn [apart from the postman’s feet, that is] which has now thawed to about three inches.

    Terence – Ask Le Craic. He’s the genius behind it.

    Kirk M – And I hope you’ll be very happy here. D’you know you are in there with Barack Obama? As for the postman – it’s much simpler just to leave him for the binmen.

  9. Hopefully the snow will last until collection day. Of course you could always write return to sender across his shirt and prop him up by the mail box.

  10. Actually, there are a couple sites that do this automatically: (my site)

    and (interestingly enough, another Irishman’s site)

    Given that my mother’s maiden name is “O’Brien” I’ve come to the conclusion that the impulse to put images on mugs in this manner must somehow be a distinctly Irish trait. Ha.

  11. Hi Kenneth and welcome. For once I’ll allow a link [though you did get marked as spam!]. We Irish aren’t mugs, you know?

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