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  1. Very clever, however I have one question: are you sure that the paraffin stove didn’t cause hallucinations for Herself and she thought you were Bono?

  2. I would have LOVED that! The planning that went into it is admirable, and look at the money you’ve saved your family (you provider, you).

    Much much better than the wilty service-station flowers purchased at the last possible minute that I’d get if I get anything at all. So, I did my husband and myself a favour and I left home for the whole month on a pretext. Might do it next year too, it’s worked so well at defusing the situation.

    So, doing anything for Friday 13th??

  3. Noot54 – You don’t get to my age without picking up a bit of wisdom on the way.

    Red – There was only one thing that melted last night. 😉

    Thrifty – Wow! I hadn’t heard of that one. I’m forwarding that link to all my girlfriends.

    John O – Who cares who she thought I was? All are equal under the blankets.

    Susan – With the exorbitant price of pipe tobacco and Guinness these days, I have to be very about not wasting cash on other fripperies. Friday the 13th? I’m free. Are you buying?

  4. So it was YOU TWO that the Irish Army, Air Corp, Coastguard Service, Gardai and, even worse, the British RAF were trying to rescue on Lugnaquilla this morning?

  5. Lovely the way a Valentines Day card or flowers has slowly morphed into Valentines Day Gift or Weekend away:) You can’t beat the commercial boys so its probably more efficient to beat the missus and better for the circulation all told.

    Reading a letter in one of those free newspapers on the way home there was a fella explaining that last year his girlfriend had said ‘Don’t do anything. I’m not and we can have a night out instead.’ Poor devil believed it and had a takeway thrown at him on Valentines Day. So he explained he’d hurriedly had to spend a lot of money out of guilt.

    The poor sod doesn’t even realise he’s being maneouvered. If I were a mate of his I’d tell him to bail out before she starts thinking he’s well trained enough for marriage.

    Behind every nervous man there’s a well organised woman:)

  6. SHoop – But she always wanted a romantic ride in a helicopter? [Maybe I should rephrase that?]

    Captain – It is our duty as men of the world to fight against capitalism. The only way to prevent being outmanouvred is to outmanouvre first!

  7. Motto therefore; Just as going on a late afternoon climb of Lugnaquilla is a dangerous risk, a tad foolish, can get hairy at times, requires stamina and quick-thinking and some means of emergency contact with the outside world – so is marriage?

  8. I’m glad this waste of a day is on a Saturday. It means I can just stay inside all day and ignore it 🙂

    Well, I spend nearly all my Saturdays staying inside all day as it is…

  9. of course, now you’re rumbled – doesnt herself read yer blog??

    Wonder why my reader decided this particular blog post was better off delayed – its only come through now – all very strange!

  10. It is all a bit of swizz – but I shouldn’t say that as I desperately need the lift in sales at this time of year!

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