Life with no remission — 17 Comments

  1. That means it’s two years since you read your blog about thirty-two years of marriage on RTE television

  2. Brianf – After 34 years? It was long and it was hard [!] but it was worth while.

    Ian – Good God! Two years? Time flies when you are having fun!

    Jim C – After all this time I have built up a complete immunity.

  3. I usually browse the mail order bride sites around the time of anniversary and threaten to trade her in.

    That pisses her off so much that she doesn’t want to be anywhere near me, let alone celebrate our time together.

  4. I’d say it was a hint, that you’d better make it up to her on Valentine’s Day.
    You’ll not forget Valentine’s Day, will you?

    Does she have knives?

  5. Ah Grandad, how I hope that when myself and @fontfiddler are together that long we can not only forget the anniversary but each other entirely.

    True love is allowing someone to sleep indoors in these inclement times, all the same.

    May you have many more…. (that sounds like a threat doesn’t it?)

  6. Maxi – Good thinking. I might try that. I might even bring a sample home to prove I’m serious?

    Susan – I have her convinced that Valentine’s Day is just a plot by the capitalist overlords to squeeze more money out of us. Do you take me for a fool?

    Welcome Elf!! 🙂 There is no way I could forget her. She is very attached to me and I’m used to having her around. [Just like the wart on the back of my neck.]

  7. You are a man among men, take the offense and never be in the corner with your “pants down” unless you want too! Hope all is well, stay warm with the black and Jameson.

  8. As a woman, I’d advise caution on the notion that you got away with forgetting about it. We creatures have a way of saying everything’s forgiven and then we make you pay for the next six months. Do something nice – flowers, dinner, a trip to Paris, just to be on the safe side. You never know what might be coming your way…. If there’s the “silent treatment”, take action immediately, danger is imminent! 🙂 Congratulations to Herself on putting up with you all those years – tell her I am a fan!

  9. Don’t be lured into that false sense of security – that’s what they do. You will be sorry. Redeem yourself now to get it over with.

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