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  1. I would sack all your staff immediately and replace them with older people. Those on pension should only be accepted if they have a note from their parents.

  2. You be what ever age you want, just change the base, I am only 20’s in hex, but in my late 50’s in octal.

  3. They must have excluded Norn Iron because Grannymar and me are both older than you (I think). And I bet there are a few much older than us at almost 62.

  4. You don’t look at all old in that video thing you put out. I’d say it’s because many people are not computer literate when they’re a bit older (like in their seventies and eighties) but that said, my Dad’s 74 and he uses the computer like a pro. (No blog though). I’d say challenge them on it – you’ve many years in you yet right? 😉

  5. Could be worse, Grandad. PR people are a rule unto themselves and under the PR Rule will eventually release something or make a statement that effectively gets themselves fired. You only have to wait and make sure that you can say you knew nothing about it all.

    Once spent a sweaty half-hour trying to explain to a professionally blonde young lady that it wasn’t a good idea to publish in a brochure a list of what leaders our colleagues admired, particularly the jokey entry from one wag who had selected ‘Adolf Hitler’.

    Bearing in mind the company we were working for had a lot of jewish lawyers all working in New York … it took me a while to explain to this girl she was about to lose her job. Unreal.

  6. Jeez, is that you in the photo ? I thought it was me with the Roman nose, the full head of hair, the one finger pecker at work on the devil knows what…an what are you holding in the other hand, a dog, cat, dildo ? I take it you were a broadcast slave in your earlier life…A Mick before the Mic, eh ?

    Interesting that your “Staff” is promoting you as the oldest blogger on the old sod. on the new net…Odd that they are not blowing your predidious horn as the most relevent oldtimer still in action, discoursing on the damned demands of being a sidelined domestic geezer in the modern Erie.
    Well, as me-self being a sidelined Irish/Yank geezer ,I am relating to your posts as a interesting insight into the world I would have been born into had my own grandparents stayed in Galway/Connought. Ah, the depressing misery I was spared by being born in the Golden State, California.

    No doubt had you been so fortinate you would be today a mogul in the land of fruits and nuts such as Rupert Murdoc with a staff the size of the population of Tipperary. Alas, we were not so fated, thank doG.

    Keep the crap coming Grandad, as an old Mafioso told me once in New York, “If your going to fuck around, dont fuck around”.

    Best regards.

  7. RWG said it all. What is that in your left hand? Not a flattering photograph. A left click on the picture gives the text “Old man typing.”
    I have a question Grandad, if I may make so bold. Do you watch new movies at all- Cinema or DVD?

  8. Are yiz all blind?? That is a magnifying glass. You can see it better if you use a magnifying glass.

    As for the “Oldest Blogger” bit – I don’t mind in the least what they call me. It’s up to them to get their facts right. Personally, I am having a ball, and age is irrelevant.

    I’m not writing much today, as that shit they posted out has had its effect and I am running around in circles all day as a result….

  9. As an old negro tenor sax player philosopher once said, “Mother had it, Mother fuck it.” So run around in circles and enjoy the mind fuck you have invited by this blog…Karma is a concept compounded by our willingness to accept its premise….What goes around can bring you down…

    Have a nice fucked up day, wondering…


  10. Peter – Hah! I am about to ditch that photo and change my avatar in the next day or so!

    RWG – I just like playing around with the inside of peoples heads…

  11. Pah!!! I know tons of bloggers older than you – in their minds at least!!! But then again they’re not in Ireland – you’re as old as you feel alright – I’m about 10 today!

  12. If you’re not going to use it, I don’t mind claiming the ‘oldest blogger’ title. Then I can enjoy hearing everyone tell me how YOUNG I look for being 113. I’d like that.

  13. Indeed, I d like to poke Susan instead of you,

    Yeah Susan 110 may be the next 60….Dah ? Wanna fuck around ? Bug off for now Grandad…Enjoy.


  14. I certainly feel older than you. Probably look it too.

    Interesting. Other than the lovely Grannymar, I can’t think of anyone that old in Ireland blogging.

    Cool, I know Ireland’s oldest blogger. *Adds to list of people to interview before they die*

  15. Well yeah, we interviewed Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and where did that get us, laid, not, we were blissfully married to a hot woman, thus we missed the action that would have been our due for a back stage pass. But it is indeed nice to speculate, Barragh….An Susan, where do you weigh in…I’m 6.0, 120lbs of AmericanIrishman in Arizona, how close is that ? Sorry Granddad to use your space for a hook up…..

  16. Right Grandad I call your bluff!

    Tell us how old you are and that will solve the problem for everyone.

    I will be 62 next month just ten days before Nick.

    When I reached 60 you told me you had a FEW years to go to reach that landmark! Now out with it! 😀

  17. Hi Grannymar! 🙂 Did you not see that I specifically excluded you as you are a foreigner? Move south, and I will recant.

    RWG – Could you please put your brains back into your trousers?

  18. Well, if Grandad can only hold the title by deliberately excluding us Northerners, then I can only conclude that he’s younger than us….

  19. Grandad, the good thing about ‘up north’ is that I have dual nationality!

    @Nick I think I was well out of nappies when Grandad arrived into this world. We win this one! 😀

  20. Grannymar – Dual nationality me arse! I could have dual nationality, but I wouldn’t claim then to be the oldest in the UK? ‘Tis where you live that counts?

  21. Grannymar – Avoiding what issue? We are talking ROI here. You are disqualified. Get on your Zimerframe and hoppit.

  22. *sigh* Nothing to do with the IBA. It was a press release put out by my staff about the Buke. I would have put a question mark after the title, but that sometimes fucks up the system.

    Darragh – If you are going to interview me, you had better make it quick. Grannymar is on the warpath, and she can get viscious!

  23. Now now, I’m saying nothing. I am however reserving a section of the hotel for the fight. 😉

  24. Hiya

    That was a really interesting interview i read about you in the bray people. But i have always said age should not be an issue. I have to say this again you blog is great and a really good read. Sometimes you have me in stiches and other times you make me think. So keep up the good work. Nice photo by the way i have the article having on the fridge door so all my family can read it.

  25. Darragh – Does the hotel mind a bit of bloodshed in the room?

    Vicky – Thank you. I’m honoured. I have never been stuck on a fridge before.

    Nick – Don’t be a sore loser. *wanders off muttering about bloody foreigners*

  26. Grandad, if we can live blog it, video it, qik it, tweet it or make some money from charity from it, I think everyone will be happy…

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