Isolation — 14 Comments

  1. Lovely day down here. Fabulous blue sky and no snow or ice. I’m housebound with a raging dose of the flu though so I can’t make the most of it. I’ll probably feel much better tomorrow and it will be raining I suppose.

  2. Were you being interviewed about the book or because people are being told to check up on the vulnerable?

  3. Robert – I’ll send you down a few tons of snow to keep the rain off.

    SHoop – More than likely the latter. They always start by asking how I am!

  4. Sounds like you’re needing an agent or publicity manager these days, Grandad–where do we apply for the job?

  5. The snow has really started to thaw today and not before time – what price fame my friend? How dare they cancel?
    Never mind – keep warm…..

  6. The Beeb? Jeez, but you’re dead famous these days, GD. Aren’t you just a teensy bit sick of snow now? I’m just dying for a glimpse of some new shoots from all the bulbs I planted in my lawn…

  7. Susan – How are you at handling radio stations that I have never heard of that want an interview at 90 seconds notice?

    Kate – We are the ones getting it now. Lots more today, with more forecast.

    TheChrisD – I must be in a different timezone from you. It usually starts around dawn here.

    E Mum – I did have six inch daffodill shoots, but they are buried for the last week. I just hope the snow hasn’t killed the snowdrops 😉

    Paddy – I take it you will be visiting more often??!! [They would keep Paddy’s Palace nice and warm!]

    SHoop – The dead of night is the only time it is warm in this house. Are you calling me a skulker?

  8. It was almost 60degF here today. A down right heat wave. All the slushy brown snow melted and I was stuck inside, all weekend, at work, building a new network.
    But hey, it could be worse…. It could be snowing!
    You should post some more of your radio interviews, hint hint.
    I received “Headrambles, the Book” in the mail on Saturday.
    Yea me!

  9. I hadnt noticed the boobs, but I’m glad I did now, they brightened an otherwise gloomy morning..

  10. I’m sure I’ve seen those boobs before. Who’s are they? Just wondering. you know for ahem.. research?

  11. Brianf – I don’t want to be cluttering my server up with Megabytes of rubbish. Anyway, I didn’t record them. Use the book wisely.

    SAm – They’re a fine specimen of manhood alright. I must see if I can get them to glow in the dark?

    Robert – All my own. It was a little experiment in plastic surgery to give me something to play with in the dark winter nights.

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