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  1. Lovely day down here. Fabulous blue sky and no snow or ice. I’m housebound with a raging dose of the flu though so I can’t make the most of it. I’ll probably feel much better tomorrow and it will be raining I suppose.

  2. Robert – I’ll send you down a few tons of snow to keep the rain off.

    SHoop – More than likely the latter. They always start by asking how I am!

  3. The snow has really started to thaw today and not before time – what price fame my friend? How dare they cancel?
    Never mind – keep warm…..

  4. The Beeb? Jeez, but you’re dead famous these days, GD. Aren’t you just a teensy bit sick of snow now? I’m just dying for a glimpse of some new shoots from all the bulbs I planted in my lawn…

  5. Susan – How are you at handling radio stations that I have never heard of that want an interview at 90 seconds notice?

    Kate – We are the ones getting it now. Lots more today, with more forecast.

    TheChrisD – I must be in a different timezone from you. It usually starts around dawn here.

    E Mum – I did have six inch daffodill shoots, but they are buried for the last week. I just hope the snow hasn’t killed the snowdrops 😉

    Paddy – I take it you will be visiting more often??!! [They would keep Paddy’s Palace nice and warm!]

    SHoop – The dead of night is the only time it is warm in this house. Are you calling me a skulker?

  6. It was almost 60degF here today. A down right heat wave. All the slushy brown snow melted and I was stuck inside, all weekend, at work, building a new network.
    But hey, it could be worse…. It could be snowing!
    You should post some more of your radio interviews, hint hint.
    I received “Headrambles, the Book” in the mail on Saturday.
    Yea me!

  7. Brianf – I don’t want to be cluttering my server up with Megabytes of rubbish. Anyway, I didn’t record them. Use the book wisely.

    SAm – They’re a fine specimen of manhood alright. I must see if I can get them to glow in the dark?

    Robert – All my own. It was a little experiment in plastic surgery to give me something to play with in the dark winter nights.

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