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  1. I say Humour. But mainly because I also made it through in the Personal category and I won’t stand a chance against you. πŸ˜‰

    Congrats on the double success!

  2. Sure, some of us didn’t make it through in one category, let alone two!

    I would say the Personal section – some of the stuff is too serious for Humour.

  3. Hails – Congratulations to you too. Maybe I should stay in Personal and the two of us can gang up on K8?

    Ian – It’s quantity not quality that counts. Too serious? You can’t be serious?

  4. Better be humor. If you were writing a personal blog you’d just come across as grumpy old bollix, and you don’t want people to get the wrong impression.

  5. I dont see why you cannot enter both categories! After all, it is a humourous, personal blog. A personal blog should have lots of soul searching, hand wringing and washing of ones laundry in public a bit like a diary. While a humourous blog should have pathetic jokes, risque sexual references and innuendo and a schoolboy-like, delight in the most appaling cursing. A bit like Twentys!

  6. I’ve got the same problem, and decided that I’d scope the competition and let THAT decide for me—whichever category offered me the best chances, is where I’d stay. Well. Looks like I haven’t any chance in either, to judge by what I’m up against! LOL But YOU Grandad, you might just want to look at the competition so that you can decide whom you want to beat this year. That might make it easier?

  7. I was thinking about saying Humour, but since everyone else is saying that… I’m definitely going to say Humour.

  8. Personal, because you’ll be up against me in the humour category and I wouldn’t want to take it from you, especially when you had the choice and all.

  9. Baino – As God is my judge, ’tis all true. Every word.

    5h4mr0(k – You haven’t been around for a while? You could be right. I don’t want to give the impression I’m a narkey old bollix, all right.

    Bock – Indeed we do. Why are you under Humour anyway? You aren’t in the least bit funny? But then nor am I……..

    Hoor – Unfortunately rules is rules, and they say I can only be in one [or the other].

    Susan – Ouch! I’m no judge of blogs or competition. At least we don’t clash! πŸ˜‰

    Red – Another Humour? This isn’t funny!

    TheChrisD – Thanks for clarifying things… 😐

    Maxi – Is there not a ctegory or Best Obscene? Or Best Wanking Blog?

  10. Geez! Personal blog you’re up against K8thegr8 and Grannymar and in humor you’re running against Bock and The Swearing Lady.
    This is a tough one. I’ll get back to you.

  11. Hey, why can’t you be in both categories?

    I’d say go for Humour – but that’s purely for selfish reasons…

  12. I think it’s time Mulley added more categories (Best Humourous Personal Blog and Best Personal Humourous Blog) like they do with the Golden Globes Etc. Best Lead Actor in a Drama Feature, Best Lead Actor in A Comedy Feature, Best Lead Actor in A Feature featuring Adam Sandler as the Lead Actor and Best Adam Sandler in a Feature where Adam Sandler Plays Another Complete Twat!

  13. Humour. Same reason as Hails – I’m through in the Personal categories and I don’t stand a chance against you (mind you, K8’s there too) *sob*

  14. Ah humour. At least you’re not in the Food & Drink category (now *that* would be funny), ‘cos I have all the competition I can handle in that list already!

  15. A great man once said…

    “To be idle requires a strong sense of personal identity”.

    But fuck him, go for humour ;-). You know it makes sense!

  16. Humour or personal…..hmmmm let’s see. Well you at least try to be funny and you are rude as fuck so I would suggest the former.

  17. I’d say ‘Personal’ would be the better category for Head Rambles. It is funny but the glue that holds people to the blog is the occasional insight into the retired but still mildly annoyed mind.

    Therefore entering ‘Personal’ would be playing more to the blog’s individual strength rather than mixing it with different styles of humour.

  18. Bugger! Here was I just saying to myself that it’s a clearcut vote and along comes The Captain.


    More thought required.

    Where’s the whiskey?

  19. Let’s see, if “Personal” includes entries that are kind, tenderhearted, insightful and selfless…ah, I’d go with “Humour! ” Seriously, considering how many times your blog brings a smile to my face, I think you’d be golden in Humour!

  20. [pops up from his sick bed]

    Let’s see now…

    You won for Best Personal Blog last year. From looking abouts the lists I see you’re competing with family in one category and a friend in another but that friend is also liisted in yet another category so said friend will have to chose which one to drop as well but it won’t matter if you choose one of your category’s over another.

    So much for that.

    In my oh-so humble opinion and from hanging around your digs for so long now, I’d have to state for the record that your blog is not a “humorous” blog as such since in this case “humorous” implies a “niche” type blog which your is not. While this ” niche” may apply to your book [“You can find it over there in the Humor section”] it cannot be applied to the source of said book.

    In other words, go for the Personal category.

    [Falls back into the bed]

  21. I hardly get time to visit anymore BUT when I did visit every day you made me laugh A LOT. I did get a little confused on further contemplation but my first instinct was humour! Well done yet again!

  22. Personal …. humour is only a tool used to impart your daily musings.

    Go with personal Grandad

  23. I’d go for humour because I mostly have a good laugh when I read your posts – but that said, there is often hidden wisdom between the givings out. But, humour is what I’d put it into. You’ll win that for sure… πŸ˜‰

  24. Boycot the awards and let the judges decide if you are taking the category limitations “personal” or if you are being “humerous”

  25. Aw bollox!

    Yiz have mostly come down on the side of Humour.


    Those who came down on the side of Personal made very good arguments.

    I have to decide by this afternoon.

    But maybe I’ll leave it in the lap of the Gods!

    When in doubt – do nothing πŸ™‚

  26. Fuck, they don’t even do that at The Oscars. Can you the Academy of Motion Pictures asking Danny Boyle the same question?

    Anyway, play the odds, go with the one with the smallest list.

  27. you’ve probably decided by now (darned snow!! Bit it’s so nice to look at!)

    My contribution –
    how could it be anything but humour with the artifical boobs pic on the top of the page. Like, seriously, think about it. If this were a personal blog, why would that pic be there……….

    Am I making sense, or has the white stuff got into my head?

  28. ooh an interesting one. I say personal – you write personal thoughts in a humorous way, not humorous thoughts (i.e. trying to be funny just for the sake of it) in a personal way. Don’t you?


    And Congrats!

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