A critique of the critic — 18 Comments

  1. Susan – He got me all right. Right where it hurts. I’m going to ask him to move in with Herself for a while. Then maybe he’ll understand.

    Ian – I agree. It should be under Philosophy.

  2. You could always invite him for tea. Just give him a “good” set of directions or even provide an “exact” set of coordinates for his satnav. Of course no sense bothering with return directions.

  3. So this is a review of his review, eh? Is he going to review your blog next, wherein you review his review in a post? His review being, of course, the review of your book? Then you can review his review of your blog wherein you reviewed his review of your book.

    I’m getting dizzy.

  4. Tis well for the artists. I shall have to either buy or nakedly steal the ‘Head Rambles’ book now. If its still snowing I’ll buy it. A book is very good but it won’t keep you warm, like.

  5. Is that the full article? If so, it really isn’t a review. I mean he doesn’t say if he thinks your book is good or bad or even if he liked it or not. Or even read it.

  6. Jim C – I would have to be very inventive. He probably knows all my tricks by now?

    RhodesTer – We are going to keep reviewing each others work in ever decreasing circles until we eventually vanish up our own arses.

    Captain [Sir] – One of the stipulations I insisted was included in the contract was that the pook be printed on highly flamable paper.

    TT – You should see what he said about some of the other books!! Believe you me, that was a good review. He’s a tough bugger that fella. And judging by his comments, he read it.

    Baino – He has a right to be scared. Are you saying my book is dusty?

    TT – You can always apply for the job?

  7. At €10,222 I think its a bit steep Grandad. Does it come with a solid gold bookmark or is every full stop a small chip of diamond? Still, I might get the mrs to buy it for my birthday, if she starts saving now she can afford it in 2012 I reckon.

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