White out — 25 Comments

  1. Nice. I just used it as an excuse to stay at home and work via vpn (visible pointy nipples). That way I don’t risk tangling with the idiots on the road.

  2. Went to drop the kids to school this morning to find it closed due to lack of turnout from both kids and teachers. 2″ of snow and they all stay at home?

    The really mad thing is that this is the exact conditions their SUVs are made for! Most of the mums drive something that would go up the side of Mt Blanc.

    If you do venture out, watch out at the bad corner. The council workers left a big hole there when they knocked off early on Friday, and as they had also blocked the drain, half the road has washed away.

  3. I have a nice drive over the mountains from Youghal to Clonmel in a short while. Normally takes an hour but this time I’m going to give myself two hours to get there for the same reasons as yourself GD.

    That is provided Clonmel is still there after all the flooding over the weekend.

  4. Thrifty – I’d say your nipples are pointy in this weather, all right. Did you have the same operation as me? [d’you like the photo of them on my banner?]

    Maxi – You have a history of mayhem on the roads. What has snow got to do with it?

    Neighbour – They are a shower of wimps. I remember walking through four foot of snow in my bare feet to get to school. The weather was never an excuse. As for the SUVs – I bet most of them don’t even know how to engage four-wheel drive. I know about that hole. I fell into it yesterday. The court case starts next week.

    Robert – Why is Clonmel always flooding? Have they never learned to flush after?

  5. I won’t have my good name tarnished here…..

    …hang on ….

    I’ll have to pull over to finish this comment.

  6. I spent the best part of the morning sat on a bus staring at the lovely Leinster snowscape thanks to some guy forgetting to grit all the roads round Enfield. I was two hours late for work but I did not mind as it is Monday morning, I dont like Monday’s but I liked this Monday.

  7. Well that’s not bloody fair. Where’s MY snow? It’s sunny and freezing here, which probably makes perfect sense in Cavan. Tsk.

    Can I come over for a game of snowballs, GD?

  8. Hoor – That’s all very well, but supposing you need a pee after your moroning coffee?

    Thrifty – Because I deserve it.

    E Mum – You are more than welcome. Puppychild was here earlier for a game of snowballs, and all her tracks are since covered. Quite a lot of snow, considering it didn’t start until seven.

  9. It’s strange but I did not feel the need for a pee until I stepped off the bus down by the Four Courts. As soon as the cold air hit my bladder it was a case of “all hands to the pumps” (literally).

  10. Grandad,

    Seems like you and I are much of the same mind when it comes to driving in snow…it’s always the other idiots you have to watch out for. Although, in all honesty, living in a place where you can look forward to a solid 6 months of winter weather, the locals get their winter driving act together immediately after the first snowfall. Then it’s only the damn “Flat Landers” (outta-staters/folks from down-country) you have to worry about (skiers, snowmobilers, hunters, etc).

    And you’re only ‘smug’ if you haven’t earned it the right. Somehow I think you well earned the right to be smug…so you’re not.

  11. Hoor – You were lucky. There is nothing worse than a dire need for a dump when stuck in traffic!

    Thrifty – Lots and lots of careful buffing with the palm of the hand.

    Kirk M – That’s the trouble with this country. We only get snow a few days a year, so the whole country goes into a blind panic. They are all ‘Flat Landers’ here.

    TT – Snow is the stuff you snort through a rolled five dollar bill every night.

  12. Cheap bastard, in Miami they used rolled up Twenties for snorting. Supposedly just about every twenty in circulation had drug trace on it.

  13. Grandad you sound just like me! Why is it that I am the only one who seems to know how to drive in the snow around here? Geez!

  14. Jim C & TT – I was going to say that the idea of rolling up Twenty and snorting through him is extreme perversion.

    Brianf – We are the only two who have been around long enough to practice?

  15. It’s been a nightmare here – and my beautiful PJ (automatic Picanto) decided to go full circle in the middle of a junction on Monday night – so much for ABS! We’re expecting yet more tonight and KP’s supposed to be fly to Dublin tomorrow for the start of the 6 nations – its not looking good! Enjoy your view – you’ve earned it

  16. Hi Kate. You have actually managed to drop off my commenter’s list! It has been snowing very heavily here all day and has managed to add another couple of inches so it is quite deep at this stage. Thankfully, I don’t have to go out!! It really looks beautiful though 🙂

  17. My goodness – well its been a bit of a bad time here and I tend to keep out of the way in case I say things I shouldn’t. Still its good to give others a chance – even the ones who thought I did it on purpose!!!!
    Arranged with my boss to work from home tomorrow if we get any more snow – then I’ll be able to appreciate it more!!!

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