Alarming dogs — 14 Comments

  1. Good girl, Sandy, good GIIIRL!!

    GD, tell her the gift certificate to PetCo is in the mail. You do have one nearby, I hope?

  2. RhodesTer – Never heard of PetCo. Stop encouraging her!

    Susan – Sorry. You can’t have either of them. Do you really want a dog that eats tourists?

    NaRocRoc – Who said anything about eating it?

  3. Only a couple better ways to wake up in the morn, besides your best pal jumping in bed with muddy paws and licking your face with the same tongue that just licked her ass tromping all over your full kidneys and, and communicating: “let’s go! It’s a whole new day and you and everything around you is wonderful.”

    You love it you old buzzard.

    PS: Sandy would like to meet

  4. Sixty – I may love it, but not when I’m away with Sharon and just about to do interesting things with a cucumber [or was it a melon?]. Sandy has contemplated doing a blog, but has decided it’s too naff.

    John O – A slicer and dicer? What kind of bedroom do you have? 😮

  5. Bert does that. Fucking annoying. I mean, I’m not generally averse to being gently awoken with a tongue in my ear, but Christ his breath if fierce. We’re fostering a little girl greyhound at the moment who does this really strange moaning noise as she tries to get comfy.

    Much like Sharon, I’d imagine.

  6. TT – I was awoken before I could find out.

    E Mum – Sandy’s breath can strip paint too, which can be handy when redecorating. How did you know about Sharon’s moaning? [though it isn’t when she’s trying to get comfy…..]

  7. Well done Sandy – Grandad you should know by now – dreams like that will do you know good – its much more fun to get up and take your loving canine companion out for a mid morning stroll… keeping well away from the greenhouse of course!!

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