I am damned — 18 Comments

  1. These visits are why I adopted a very large, very loud dog. But I love stories of how these folks are dealt with in doorways!

  2. I’m all for inviting them in.

    I’d do it, but they’d have to understand that they’d be interrupting my alone internet time so they might not get my full attention.

  3. If this was the Jehovah’s Witnesses, then they’re wasting everyone’s time, including their own. According to their own beliefs, only 144,000 people can be “saved” from Armageddon, and yet there are currently more than 7,000,000 of them…

    They won’t talk to me any more. I used to invite them in (as RhodesTer suggests above), but they were uncomfortable when I started questioning them about what they believed. Apparently you’re only supposed to read the bits of the bible that the elders tell you to, and you are not supposed to do any critical thinking or cross-referencing unless it’s previously approved by them.

    They didn’t like the fact that I had a written list of questions ready to hand every time they knocked.

  4. RhodesTer – Once again, you excel yourself. Even more disgusting than usual!

    Susan – Actually, Sandy did try to savage them [she wasn’t too happy at being tripped over], but the moral side of me stopped her.

    Maxi – You invite them, and they actually enter? Into your place? They are braver than I thought.

    Hoor – Yup. That’s him. Just take away the pipe and slap a tweed hat on him….

    SHoop – What do you think the sacrifices were about????

    Kae – I didn’t know that about the 144,000. Maybe that’s why they are so keen to convert me? Maybe they get Green Shield Stamps with every soul and it’s the 144,000 with the greatest number of stamps at the end of the day life?

  5. LOL…That’s hilarious! The one’s that get on my nerves are the Jehovah’s witnesses. They never give up.

    It’s really irritating when it’s a frigid -5°C out! 🙂

  6. JD – I didn’t say so explicitly, but they were, in fact JWs. I was amazed that they quit so easily. Had they never seen dangly bits before?

    Maxi – Never. Not even once.

  7. Faith is what I have. Religion is what they had. There’s a difference, and I don’t want any of theirs, thanks.

  8. I had the Mormons over once, back in 1995 it was, I remember it well. I’d met them outside my flat weeks earlier when hungover as a student and they turned up on my door one evening.

    They spoke about some bloke called Joseph and a bush doing stuff and then they took out some sort of bible and then I read a bit of it but they clearly spotted I wasn’t for turning Mormon and eventually they fucked off, picking their way out through dishes, laundry, beer cans, other debris.

    Maxi’s right. It’s a mistake I had to make once anyway.

  9. You have reminded me of a couple of years ago when I was approached by a petite middle aged woman in a quiet Sainsbury’s in way up North. As she handed me a flyer with lots of bible quotes on it she asked me did I want to be saved – I told her that that was why I was there. Much more being saved these days so I guess her work is done.

  10. We get them here in the Neths. too and my usual reply when refusing to take their magazine was always a gleeful: “I can’t read Dutch..” until recently, when I got trounced by a couple of beaming soul savers who announced that they now imported the English version. Darn it….

  11. Terence – Why didn’t you just ask them to clean the place?

    Milton – Good point. Saving is the name of the game these days.

    Welcome James! The hose is fine, but it tends to make a bit of a mess of the place. A water pistol [filled with pee]?

    Geri – I can’t apply that here, unfortunately. I could always ask if they had an Irish version and threaten to sue them under the discrimination act?

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