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  1. I think it would be simpler to list the things the bland, grey men dont have their parsimonious fingers stuck into Grandad! Needless to say they ruin everything they touch and then move on. I think its called a ‘scorched earth’ policy.

  2. Nice variation on the handle there! Perhaps I will become a grifter in these recessionary times 🙂
    Yeah, that is another excellent example.

  3. agreed. I’ve stopped listening to Rick’s show. It’s just not the same without the chat. Maybe they might grow a brain and replace Gerry Ryan with Rick. When he stood in for Ryan last year, it was brilliant. And it would cost less too!!!

  4. Hoor – The accountants are running the show now. No matter what the business or service, They seem to have the last say.

    Thrifty – Sorry about the handle! [fixed].

    Frank – As I write, my radio is sadly silent.

    If the accountants really had any sense, they would fire Plank and Ryan. That would save approaching two million a year. Then they could let the real talent do the job.

  5. I really can’t fathom the 2fm policy change. If it made financial sense I might but I simply can’t see how it saves or makes RTÉ any money.

    And too often RTÉ imitate rather than innovate. And for me that’s a great shame.

  6. I’ve also stopped listening to both shows as much as I used to – there’s not really much point any more. As has been said time and time again, if I want music, I’ll go to my iPod. That’s all 🙂

    Good post though. I didn’t know you were the guy who operated Bosco’s Magic Door at all at all.

  7. NaRocRoc – As far as I know, they are “cutting back on researchers”, whatever that means?

    Darragh – So my secret is out. Bosco and myself had a purely platonic hate-hate relationship though.

  8. its a case of defining what the business is. When accountants run the show the business is about making money.

    Thing is, the product that J Soap pays good money in licencing fees for isn’t about money. Its about entertainment, education, public affairs, sports, etc.

    When the customer’s perspective differs from the provider’s you know you have trouble. It all went downhill when you left, Geandad

  9. It’s shit like this that makes me glad I listen to a radio station that has no chance of ever cutting back on their programming…

  10. This gives a whole new perspective on the decision – should have known the bean counters were behind it. It’s such a shortsighted decision.

  11. Was never a huge radio fan but on a day off or when I’m in the car at that time of day, I always listened to Rick. Nothing surprises me about RTE, though, they can do what they like and still get their licence fee increases on demand. And then take in advertising millions as well.

    At least the Beeb have the decency not to take ads as well on top of their licence fee!

  12. Wahoo! I seem to have touched the nerve.

    Rick O’Shea tells me I’m the only post on the subject to use the word ‘bastard’. Oh! the distinction….

  13. Wow, I agree with everything said here.

    RTÉ is becoming more and more of an expensive shíthole everyday.
    Accountants are stuck so far up their own hole they don’t know what television is.

    Sometimes you have to slack on a small tiny bit of profit to maintain quality, this obviously hasn’t happened here. €170 for this sort of crap service.

    Whatever complaints people have about TV3, they’re still working with less than a third of the revenue of RTÉ and maintain a decent service. People are not overpaid there either.#

    TG4 is pretty good also, and is doing well with their small cut of the license fee. The odd time they have some good innovation and good programmes.

    Screw RTÉ and their overpaid presenters.

  14. I think it’s obvious how everybody feels about having a bunch of abacus mangling, non-entities dictate what we can and can’t watch or listen to.
    It’s definitely time to retake the asylum.
    What seriously galls me is the way one TV channel can repeat what another TV channel aired only days previously be it a fillum, documentary or series and we are paying a fortune NOT to watch it twice!
    After we execute the accountants the schedulers are next. Up the revolution!

  15. you mean you still listen…i gave up ages ago…pat kenny interviewing pat kenny and gerry ryan just being…..well forget it.

  16. I have never listened to The Plank or Ryan, and nothing could ever make me. I used to listen to Rick O’Shea though

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