Glittering prizes — 20 Comments

  1. So you’re not looking for VOTEs FOR HEADRAMBLES OR K8 THE GR8 then eh?

    Fine! I’ll just go nominate t’other fella so. He’s mad into the ould pimping, I’ve heard.

  2. Darragh – That’s what I said. I’m not pimping for votes. Feel free to nominate The Other Fella though. It’ll be a waste of a vote.

    Robert – Swept the boards? What? I got half a prize. Are previous winners ineligable? Do I care? 😮

  3. I’ll vote for you and your daughter. (I LOVE her writing!) But one last question : Do I qualify? I am bona fida Irish, but happen to live in that country you just mentioned? I am civilised though! (i think..) 🙂

  4. Me too Tricia but we are probably not eligible enough – although fake passports may be available

  5. Tricia & Kate – To be honest, I haven’t a clue. I know of at least one who was shorlisted and he was blogging on the continent! They are a bit vague on that topic. Maybe it’s like footballers and if you can prove the remotest Irish connection in the last thousand years?

    SHoop – It is a medical condition. I had an Active Blog this morning and the relief was enormous!

  6. Thanks for passing on the news. I’m half-tempted to nominate myself, just for the slim chance of a night out. I’m married, what other hope have I?

  7. Gee! Thanks TT.

    Dorothy – Pedantic to the last?

    Susan – Feel free. There is nothing in the rules about not nominating yourself. In fact, it is expected. I think.

  8. Will you be attending this year? Will you and that other chap be sharing a taxi/table perchance? No fighting now. Although he sounds like a bit of a wimp to me.

  9. Does Article 12.4.4 of the Constitution of Ireland not apply to the blog awards: the outgoing person being allowed to nominate themselves?

  10. My last comment went bananas when I tried to edit it, the above message is a phonetic rendering of my indignation.

    Here’s what I was trying to say before I needed to correct the typos:

    This is off topic grandad but I just wanted to let you know that the bastards have blocked your site at work. Yours is the only blog I can’t read on the company dime.

    In short, I’m unhappy.

    I’d say there’s, ahem, something grievous gone wrong at your backend and you’d want to get in there and poke about.

    That is all.

  11. Grandad,
    I cast my ballot for the one and only blog that makes any sense, of course that’s yours! Even as an American I can still appreciate common sense and the wit and intelligence to express same. Good luck,
    Your appreciative American neophyte.

  12. TT – I didn’t know you were there? Was that you in the elegant blue dress with the plunge neckline?

    Ian – That is irrelevant, as I haven’t voted for myself. And I wouldn’t dare lie to a Man of the Cloth.

    Terrence – I am honoured and flattered to be singled out by your company. Something wrong with my backend? Apart from some flatulance, I haven’t noticed anything.

    John O – Flattery will get you everywhere! Thanks. I’m embarrassed now…….

  13. What is Terence saying about poking about your backend? I knew you had fans, but…. (butt, heh heh)

    I must say that’s surely a mark of success, if workplaces are banning access to you. Good news?

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