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  1. Ah, the home grown – maybe that would be for the best… think how chilled out you would be Grandad….. I could let you have some of Max’s catnip if you like – apparently some people smoke it – God know’s why!!!!

  2. Sounds like a conspiracy, y’ask me…the local shop AND the supermarket out of ALL tobacco at the SAME time?

    Hmmm…Is someone trying to get you to Dublin on some pretext perhaps? For what dark purpose???

    Oh Grandad be careful! (I second the vote for the home-grown…tea-leaves just don’t do it, really)

  3. This brings back memories of when I smoked. In the days before the 24 hour Tesco or petrol station I once pulled the house apart looking for smokes.
    The feeling of panic was like nothing I’ve ever felt.

  4. Budget measures, Grandad. Given that Lenihan’s final words last October were “put that in your pipe and smoke it”…..I reckon all other pipe-filling material was swiftly removed from the Irish consumer. My theory, anyhow.

  5. It’s not a national emergency, it is a world crisis. As a fellow pipe smoker I am puffing your way, but on the Internet you can’t feel it.

  6. The emergency has been downgraded to mere panic.

    I drove the length and breadth of the county. It was only when I crossed the border post into the next county that I got some. They were nearly out of it too.

    There is something very fishy going on………..

  7. It’s that tobacco cartel again – (think of OPEC). And remember when Starbars were scarce, people would do anything to get one…. You are at their mercy Grandad…

  8. Milton – It could be that the government is trying to drive pipe smkers onto cigarettes? That way they can point to a drastic increase in fag smoking and use it as an excuse to introduce more draconian laws?

    Manuel – I take it from your comment that you are still off them then?

  9. instead of smoking the tea leaves, try reading them – maybe they can tell you who has a stock of tobacco in? 🙂

  10. Thank goodness we never run of cigarettes in Canada…I guess that is one good thing about living in this nation with limited choices.

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