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  1. 1000? Jesus fucking Christ, man, what’s wrong with you?

    Seriously though, fair play. I’ve loved reading it this year and look forward to the next 1000. 1000? Fuck!!

  2. Darren – Waddya mean ‘what’s wrong with me’? Writers cramp? I just don’t know when to quit…….

  3. Grandad – well done. Quite the landmark. Took me over four years to get to 300, so I salute you sir.

  4. Celebrate your 1000th by helping out a fellow blogger and telling me what plug-in you use to show a comment link at the bottom of your post in your FEEDS. I can’t seem to find one, and it’s pretty nifty to just click right on that and zoom straight here from the reader.

    Oh, and congratufuckinglations on wasting all that time.

  5. Daddy – Still plenty of Prozac left after the holiday, thanks.

    Hi Tommy, and welcome! The rate you’re going you’ll soon be there too?

    Radge – I wouldn’t know. They say I never had any.

    RhodesTer – Thanks for the congratufuckinglations. I use Feedburner, and the Feedburner Feed Replacement plugin, and it’s one of their options [I think].

  6. Congratulations! That is some achievement. Are you writing for any of the tabloids yet? You should be!

    By the way, your site-map page takes 10 hours to load, you might consider pagination.

  7. Just curious – what are your stats like? How many visitors do you get per day on average and what was the highest and lowest in any day?

  8. I am amazed you found the time to write 1000 posts – must have been difficult between bumping off tourists and drinking Guinness.

  9. It’s been that long already! Damn, I’ve been reading since about post 12 or so.

    Where are the men in the white coats?

  10. Dorothy – I don’t write for the tabloids. I’m a broadsheet man. As for stats… They are up and down like a yoyo. Yesterday I had 221 visitors and 839 pageviews. Lowest [recently] was Christmas Day – 78 and 191. Highest ever was something like 3,750 and 6,500 in October ’06.
    My site map is plugin generated. I may have to look at alternative ways of archive navigation. *sigh*

    Kate – I didn’t find the time. That’s my big problem. I now owe the banks about five months plus about two weeks interest. Living on borrowed time is expensive.

    Robert – Post twelve? You missed all the really good ones. 😉

  11. >>> Cue suitable fanfare >>>

    Your impact on my life has been significant.

    I now say “Jayzus” a lot.

    Spank Jew.

  12. A fucking waste of time indeed!

    And hurray for that. Congrats Grandad.

    1000 posts eh? If I get to one tenth of that I’ll be doing well!

  13. I have aged a thousand years in this process, but heck, it does pay for the French hols, so carry on you mad pair of gougers.

  14. Sixty – Jayzus! Fair play to ya!

    Susan – Milestone? Don’t you mean Millstone?

    NaRocRoc – Do you want some of mine?

    Terence – You had me going there for a moment. You could have left out that last line?

    Granny – Does this mean I can have the remote control back?

  15. Great stats – send some over to me:-)

    Have you ever experienced dé⋅jà vu when writing posts? I’ve only got 29 posts on my blog and today I had the feeling that I’ve said it all before…

  16. Something stange happened when I went to edit my comment. Here’s what I was saying:

    Great stats – send some over to me:-)

    Have you ever experienced dé⋅jà vu when writing posts? I’ve only got 29 posts on my blog and today I had the feeling that I’ve said it all before…

    oh crap, it’s there twice now.. sorry Grandad

  17. I promise I didn’t do that on purpose, and I didn’t even think of it… that’s how stupid I am!

  18. Xbox – About half an inch shorter?

    JD – “On to the next thousand” It’s amazing how much depression five simple words can cause.

    Maxi – Like yourself, I’ll keep trying. You know what they say about an infinite number of monkeys………..

  19. TT – Thanks. I am *********ting over it.

    TheChrisD – It’s more like the 1000 posts that launched a ship book?

  20. You’ve been out with the dog for 24 hours? We heard all about it on Morning Ireland…

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