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  1. TT – Don’t tempt me. I have one or two little habits that could be improved, but I do consider myself a good driver – especially when I’m pissed.

    Robert – I read that [I read ’em all!]. What was really weird was that the road was infested with police on motorbikes. Dozens of ’em. They kept to the slow lane, and shot past everyone at around 100mph. [no exaggeration]

  2. You say you consider yourself to be a good driver. Sure you do. Do you know anybody who admits to being a bad driver? I don’t. And yet, they/we are out there in droves. It’s always somebody else, right?

  3. Type Hobo into Google and look at the images.

    And don’t ask why I was looking for pictures of hobos.

  4. Erm actually *coughs*, I’m an incredibly bad driver. It’s just so boring, you see…and I end up looking out the window and stuff and not concentrating. I do all my bad driving in the inner lane, though, honest.

  5. It’s how you deal with the situation.

    When TAT is driving, he drives right up their ass and beeps and flashes until they move over, then he shouts abuse at them when they do, swerving enough for my heart rate to double in the process. That’s not healthy.

    I wait behind, but tip my light beam ever so slightly upwards to drop the hint and make myself known. This always works, but only at nighttime for some reason.

    Otherwise I just pull faces at them.

    When they finally pull into the slow lane, I squirt window cleaning water at them.

    Gotta have the last word, me.

  6. They are, literally, living life in the fast lane. These are the same people that, very cruelly, actually starve geese to feed ganders.

  7. I drove a cab in Massachusetts for 16 years.A great trick when on the road at night is to flash your high beam lights very fast, they think its a police cruiser and pull over.

  8. My “favorites” are the idiots who think that 50kph on a good 100kph stretch of road is perfectly acceptable and then get all indignant and start flashing if you have the indecency to overtake them.

    I’ve often felt like stopping in the middle of the road and having a little chat with them.

  9. I just undertake the idiots on the inside lane – is that illegal? I certainly don’t care, yer honour… and here is the culprits reg. number…. and here are the rules of the road, yer honour and…I had no choice yer H…. etc. etc. I have rehersed my lines on this one!

    Jeez grandad you have hit a nerve with me on this one – it’s my biggest road gripe.

    “Idiot fuckers” quote – that is putting it nicely.

    As for those that cruise in the overtaking lane at just at or below the speed limit – because they think they are doing a public service – ahhhhh….. [releases pent up anger]… ok I’m fine now….

  10. Agree Niall – single carriageway roads are haunted just as much by similar idiots – what is it with <60km that these idiots think is the way t’ go on an open road? I think they get pleasure from having a string of 50 vehicles trawling behind them – bet they brag to their mates how many victims they had following them – sadists

  11. I just stay in the slow lane and avoid dealing with the nutters. It makes a great deal of sense to me and saves me getting irritated!

  12. I think the older I get, the less tolerant I get too – also I didn’t get my licence until very late on – I’m careful and i would prefer it if others were too!
    Trouble is they are not…

  13. Plain old human cussedness (stupidity, arrogance, ignorance, obstinacy, etc) pure and simple. And a world-wide occurrence also. Especially in Massachusetts (voted worst drivers in US since the 10th Model T came out and someone from Massachusetts bought it).

    I just shoot ’em.

    Okay, I don’t shoot them. The cops get upset about it and I don’t care for the inside of a jail cell. But I can dream can’t I?

  14. Radge,

    So I typed Hobo into Google and looked at the images.


    Thank you so much (and I won’t ask).

  15. Kirk M – I didn’t like to mention it, but I shoot ’em too. The cops don’t get upset with me. As for the Hobo on Google, I have asked them to remove that. I never gave permission..

  16. I have torpedoes strapped to my car. I fire them off at will. Not just at fuckers on the outside lane, but at assholes who don’t move when the light turns green.

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