Conspiracies in the housing market — 17 Comments

  1. i have been screaming about the very same thing lately, complete with threatening to cut of the boy’s beloved sports that he can only get with cable. cable smable. 80 channels of sports, news talk shows, stupid friggin movies nobody wanted to see in the first place and stupid “why is your ass so big”, “why are you so beautiful and stupid” type shows. also you do know the shows you do watch are screwing you by not giving you as much “written content” as they used to, thereby giving themselves a raise? so you are relegated to watching even more of the friggin heart attack making commercials! yep, touched a nerve this morning 🙂

  2. oh, and don’t even get me started on the christmas shit that we’ve been forced to watch over and over again for forty years now…

  3. I thought it was a conspiracy of women…it’s easy to talk a man into a huge soft sofa to drink a beer on. Not so easy to talk him into a new carpet or curtains or some DIY to make the room bigger…but AFTER the sofa, well we NEED to do it honey, look…

    Yes, it’s a conspiracy all right. Of the many.

  4. Sounds like Ireland has gone American. Bigger and better sofas and the like. The sales here this year are up to 80 percent off – no joking. You won’t catch me dead anywhere near them. It’s all a ploy. My favourite is the buy one get one free pitch. I mean who wants two jumpers in different colours or two food processors? Even my Mom who’s pretty intelligent) fell for that one hook line and sinker when she visited us in the US.

    The answer for me is to turn the TV off. Buy some DVD’s. My kids are not allowed to watch the regular channels here for that reason only. The ads are an onslaught, especially to young brains. So, when we watch something it’s usually a movie.

    Hope it improves for you Grandad. And that Herself lets you have computer access more often…! 🙂

  5. Yes. Yes they do think you’re stupid.

    It’s when you actually need something, that’s when you feel you’ve been had.

    Like my trying to buy an oven:

    Price on (or around) November 20th, 2008= 599.99 Euros.
    Price on (or around) New Year’s Day, 2009 (During much hyped sales)= 599.99 Euros.


  6. Prin – Your television is our television! We get all the crap “Cop car chases”, “Extreme makeovers” and “Americas Top Braindead” over here as they are dirt cheap. It’s no wonder I’m going stir crazy.

    NaRocRoc – You calling me stupid?

    Susan – I never drink beer on a sofa so that won’t work here. Now if Herself suggested a new sofa to mend the motorbike on ……. ?

    Tricia – So we have to sink to 80% yet? We are getting the two for one offers though. “But a lawnmower and get one free” Heh!

    K8 – But you did get a reduction? They reduced the amount of glass in the doors by 25%?

  7. They think you’re stupid Grandad. They think we all are. I, however, most certainly do not.

  8. I’ve found the answer after much searching I might add. I watch everything either in live pause for 10 minutes or from the sky plus box – then when the ads come on I fast forward them away!!!

  9. Ooops nearly forgot…. Or… I go over to my partner’s house – he has abandoned tv completely . we watch dvd’s instead – no ad’s there!!!!

  10. What’s with all the telly bashing? Doncha know that Big Brother is starting tonight, I’m all excited. Enough quality entertainment there to keep us all going for a month!! The excitement and sheer anticipation has me on a high all day. Ooooh, a furniture sale commercial for really-big-sofas…………thunk!!! [keeled over with over excitement]

  11. I keep a book or a magazine by my side for commercial breaks. Or, go and get a beer or take a slash etc. It’s just a question of using the down time constructively.

  12. ….and don’t forget the summer holiday ads… those bloody blue skies and sandy beaches…they do think we are f*****g stupid – tah! Bloody consumerism – what the hell do they think we want tah!

  13. Milton’s mention of summer holidays has thawed all the snow on my site. It has disappeared! Weird?

  14. i kind of liked the snow since it’s 80 degrees here in friggin january it made me somehow cooler or at least i thought i was…

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