Happy New Year My Arse — 24 Comments

  1. Wishing Happiness right back to you, today and every day (and looking forward to seeing this book at last, now that January’s here!)

  2. Susan – The Book is supposed to leave the printers on Saturday, so maybe then I will see a copy at last?

    Robert – And many happy returns to you…….

  3. When you’re smiling – the whole world smiles with you…… how true is that? Happiness right back at you x

  4. Happiness is the best thing to wish people. A Happy New Year (the whole of it) cannot be guaranteed, so I’ll wish everyone (including you and yours) happiness today. It will make a refreshing change…. 🙂

  5. May you have much happiness yourself ye auld fart. Glad to have you around to keep my mood up. Since I finally decided to keep writing for another year (the blog and I tossed a coin…I lost) I’ll need to come here to relieve my frustrations now and then.

    May the sun always shine warmly upon your face…even when it’s raining. That goes for everyone else here as well.

  6. Happiness is good but no dumb resolutions nobody keeps. Anyhow I called the pub and you have unlimited credit for the year.

  7. I was at the bottom of the list of “top commentators” until I submitted the comment above and now I’m like sixth from the bottom. I’ll probably be even higher up the list after submitting this one.

    Just how fecking easy is it, anyway?

  8. 7th down, 9th up from the bottom! The wind is filling my sails now as I race along, skimming briskly over the surface of wit that is Headrambles.

  9. 4th down on the list now! FOURTH! Is this all it takes? DAMN! Someone have a bottle of champagne waiting at the end. Or more appropriately, a Guinness.


    Now I just need to usurp Kate and tt. I know Kate, but who the hell is tt? and why do they love you so much and have so much to say to you?


  11. Okay, this isn’t going to be easy. Do you have Kate and “tt” (wtf?) as sticky top commentators? Can I still get a Guinness?

  12. Okay, I guess I’ll just have to settle for third. Because, you know, I have other blogs to go comment on. Like that other fellows.

    Have a nice day, GD. and a nice 2009. phhhht!

  13. RhodesTer,

    I appreciate you trying to climb the social ladder and all but I think you’ve got the wrong ladder here, son.

    Here’s to 2009 and making our way through it in one piece.

  14. Pack it in RhodesTer – I got deleted when I tried that particular prank!

    Happiness backatcha, Hairy. Thanks for all your grumpy help this year!

  15. I’m a bit late with my Happiness wish to you Grandad – but I only just woke up. Don’t know what happened to the 1st Jan. Oh well, who cares. Horrible dull, dead day; shops shut and everyone staggering around clutching their heads….

  16. RhodesTer – You are one hell of a chancer!!

    Geri – You only just woke up? That must have been one hell of a party?

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