New Year Revolution — 13 Comments

  1. I feel the same way. I currently have no vices. A nun in school once said to us that if we gave up sugar in our tea for lent that the following lent we should go back to taking sugar again! Maybe for 2009 we should take back up all the bad habits again – or find a couple of new and really bad ones!

  2. Kate – Happy New Year to you too. You have my permission to get pissed tonight.

    Dorothy – It is quite hard word being perfect. I think you’re right about developing a few bad habits. What bad habits can I adopt? Opening doors for women? Being nice to little children? It’s a hard choice.

  3. I like making New Year resolutions; they keep my mind off the fact that it’s now stinking January, because I haaaate winter.

    Hmm. Maybe I should resolve to move to Hawaii?

    Meanwhile, Congratulations on your perfection! (I think many of us could have told you already) And Happy New Year!

  4. That’s exactly why I don’t bother with them either.

    Perfection does come with its burdens.

  5. Happy New Year, hairy one. I have no resolutions, just an undertaking to be nice. By the way, did I tell you how attractive you are? Hee! x

  6. Happy New Year to you and yours. I never have resolutions at New Year. It’s too much pressure. There are plenty of bad habits I’d like to break, but give me a few weeks OK? Have a good 2009 – you’ll have rung it in by now… 🙂

  7. My new years resolution is to comment more on the blogs I read, so here I am acting on it!

  8. I’m going to try and watch a lot less Prime Time this year. That’s all. I call it the McWilliams-avoidance resolution.

  9. And I did too – it was great fun….and …no hangover …what a surprise…I must have danced it off!!!

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