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  1. Just as long as I don’t have to write the truth. That would make tax day rather painful. Since I am an antisocial malcontent I don’t talk to people anyway.

  2. I like the idea – but I don’t think it would do me any good – you see I work in the complaints industry and generally just make comforting noises whilst being given out to.
    Just think of what I might say if they asked ‘well, what do you think?’

    The mind boggles……

  3. By the way – is it the snow that makes your site really jumpy or is it just the computer here?
    You can tell the truth now…….

  4. You worried me for a moment Grandad…you didn’t actually post that to Him, did you?

    If I had to tell the truth, I’d have very few friends or family left.

    Heeey, on second thought…imagine how much more time and money I’d have without them! Go on then, send away. Surely you could simply *avoid* the Mrs after a night at the pub to avoid any questions?

  5. Grandad, what’s going to happen to us all over here in the USA? The whole senate would fall apart (worse than it has already) and we’d have no leadership at all. (not that we’ve had much of that over the past decade or two). You have to think of the fate of the innocent ones over here and worldwide! Did you send it yet? 🙂

  6. Jim C – You’re right… it wouldn’t be very good for the blogging world?

    Kate – I’d say the complaints indutry would love it. It would be so refreshing telling people that the reason they have a complaint is that the product is a load of shite in the first place? The snow isn’t affecting my machine. It’s a little warmer today, so the snow may stop soon.

    Susan and Tricia – Yup. It’s sent. If we all start losing friends and politicians then we know he read it…..

  7. Now tell the truth, Grandad – did you test your plague on the little Englishes on Christmas morning? Or maybe they’re just naturally that painfully truthful (‘oh. I didn’t really want one of those’) 😉

  8. E Mum – Your lot are all telling the truth? Hah! It won’t last! 😈

    June – I think it has already been done on a minor scale? I’ll stick to books at the moment, if you don’t mind.

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