Losing it — 17 Comments

  1. Hey, hope this helps. Here are your passwords:


    Have a nice day.

    I miss Bush already.

  2. Mmmm Keiron keeps telling me to back up my laptop – maybe I’ll learn your lesson and just do that!
    Thanks Grandad!
    Oh and sorry about your loss… and your bad temper..

  3. Kate – I am begining to think there may be something in this backup lark after all…. 🙁

  4. I see that you have migrated over to a new webserver recently so maybe it was the previous one that was a bit upset so it commanded your laptop to blow up on you?

  5. AK-47 is not the weapon of choice for accuracy (I infer a need from the selection of a high vantage point). While it is excellent in terms of durability. For versatility could I interest you in the T.C.I. M89-SR from Israel:

    The M89-SR is designed as a dual purpose weapon. Designed for both urban anti-terrorist operations as well as a battlefield sniper rifle

  6. Well Thriftcriminal is correct the Automat Kalashnakov is far from an accurate rifle. I have a few old M14’s that have been glass bedded and the barrels free-floated. If not I’ll get a Stoli Panda action for ya’ with a Kreighof barrel in say…..Hmmmm….6.5/284 or one of those 6 mm bench rest wildcats? Of course it shall come with a McMillan prone stock and long distance Warner sights. Did you prefer a Jewel trigger or an Rock River trigger?

  7. Robert – Migration was ages ago! It can’t be that unless there was a grudge festering somewhere?

    OK, OK. I’ll go for the Stoli, with a Jewel trigger please.

  8. The Israelis don’t like being turned down. Though they do have other things on their mind right now,

  9. I think you might want to keep the porn off of there. It’s obviously causing your laptop(s) to shuffle it’s priorities a bit. Suggest you offload that kind of stuff to a DVD or something so the thing doesn’t spend all it’s time looking at it and ignoring you.

  10. Heh! A few comments got trapped in spam and moderation.

    Sixty – You were rightly marked as spam. Thanks for sending me my passwords. I can get into quite a few sites now.

    Dorothy – Stop pimping your clients’ websites. Nice design, by the way. 😉

    TT – It’s true about the AK. I find it never jams even when covered in slurry.

    Thrifty – They are rather busy these days, aren’t they? Nasty fuckers.

    Dorothy – I will just wheel out my laptop each Christmas. Who needs crackers?

    TT – Taking two genocide in a glass of water before bedtime is very good for a restful night. Or am I thinking of something else?

    Kirk M – Porn? How very dare you. I don’t keep porn on my PC. [Actually, it’s on a separate USB hard drive]

  11. The same thing happened to my computer (not a laptop though) a week back. It cost me almost 400 dollars for them to “retrieve” all my photos (yes, yes I too have heard of backup but have never got around to it..) and other stuff. Now, I’ve had to reload Skype and all the other programs I use (it would have cost me another 100 dollars to get them to do that) and the whole thing’s been a huge pain in the you know where. So, my sympathy GD, it just sucks, that’s all.

    By the way, should there be “snow” falling all over your website screen? It’s lovely, but I’m just wondering if that’s a part of the big blowup, the residue? hope your Christmas was very Merry – did you finish the whiskey at all? 🙂

  12. Tricia – 400 dollars? Now I’m depressed! I haven’t enquired about reviving the remains yet, but I hope it’s not that much. The snow is due to a rather sharp cold snap we are having at the moment. I have to pour de-icing fluid over the blog to get it started in the morning. I don’t have that problem though – I still have some whiskey left. 😉

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