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  1. I have no comment, beyond thanking you for posting the photo of the handsome fella at the end. Sadly I’m still on dial-up, so can’t see him dance, or whatever he’s about to do.

    No, I’m just sitting here, silently hoping that somewhere on this island, there’s a Plank look-alike with a webcam and a big sense of humour.

    Oh please please please…

  2. Susan – A Plank lookalike? You cannot be serious. Anyway, Plank and a sense of humour are mutually exclusive.

  3. That’s a fine jumper.

    I’ve 3 cameras and none of them work. I’m not dressed yet either so that’s probably a good thing.

    Nice one.

  4. The camera thing is an interesting one. SOmeone did give a webcam years ago, it’s stuffed in a box at the back of the wardrobe somewhere. At the time, I thoght the camera thing too invasive, who wants to see you faffing about the house in your nightwear (!). But now everyone’s doing it, the video thing, that is.

    Livng the mic/ pipe thing, and as for the jumper, to quote xbox, that’s a heck of a fine jumper.

    In two minds about rooting out webcam….

  5. Xbox – That jumper is necessary up in the mountains. It’s also Minnie Pig’s favourite roosting spot [she’s probably in there somewhere?]. It is an excellent idea to put some clothes on before recording a video, by the way.

    Charmed – I didn’t even know I had one. It comes built into the laptop. I have never really used it before. The microphone on the laptop is shit though, so I have to use a microphone. G’wan – get your camera out and leave a comment!

  6. (Please delete the comment that went into moderation. I fat fingered my email address and this developer versions of Opera 10 won’t show the edit comment feature. Serves me right for testing it on one of my favorite blogs.)

    I was going to say that for not having a camera that was one heck of an avatar.

    So finally I hear what you sound like. Amazing…for being stone deaf and relying on whatever comes through the hearing aids that passes for sounds these days, I could understand everything you said (and no, I didn’t read along). Even with the pipe stem in your mouth.

    Now I know I have to get to Ireland so’s I can a conversation with you before one or the other of us passes on.

    And sorry I haven’t been around of late. Dealing with construction crews invading the household and upgrading several different WP installs at the same time. And I don’t have a web cam so I’ll have to stick writing for now.

    Is your book on Amazon USA yet or what?

  7. Kirk M – Comment deleted! Herself just gave out stink to me for having the pipe in my mouth. [Another argument resolved with the baseball bat] I plan on being around for another year or so yet, so there is plenty of time for us to have a coffee down in the village, or a pint in the pub.
    I have been following your redecoration exploits, and congratulate you on your use of the rifle. 😈
    No. No book on Amazon USA yet, and the bastards still haven’t put the cover up on the UK version.

  8. The redecoration exploits are all the landlord ‘s fault. If he wasn’t such a good friend of ours I wouldn’t have been so careful with the placement of those shots.

    And if you can speak clearly with the pipe in your face (I mean I even understood what you were saying fer crissakes!) then what’s the problem? I suppose just the image of you chewing out words around a pipe stem might irritate a few but what of it?

    So I guess I’ll just have to find a way to get to Ireland around April. That way I can get a copy of your book and crash K8’s wedding at the same time.

  9. Kirk M – They once asked me to be a presenter on Lyric FM [Ireland’s classical music station]. Hah!! They didn’t realise how much I would lower the tone of the place.
    April is fine. I’ll mark it into my diary.

  10. Like it…. no, love it. Headrambles going commercial – surely not? *Smiles smugly* Great to meet you at last Grandad – it’s a pleasure.

  11. Kate – Accent? I don’t have an accent. everyone else does, but I don’t.

    TT – I’ll try anything once. Except for Guinness and whiskey. I’ll try that any number of times.

    Milton – Going commercial? Am I going to get paid for this? Great!! I’m glad you met me anyway.

    Isn’t there anyone out there with the guts to try a video response?

  12. There was me thinking it was all in aid of your book launch and was enheartened by your ‘commercial’ response …. You know you will be paid for it…. and rightly so – *winks*

  13. Isn’t there anyone out there with the guts to try a video response?

    Now Grandad, you know very well that I wouldn’t hesitate to jump right in and show my ugly mug to one and all. However, as I stated before–I don’t own a web cam. In fact I live better than 100 miles from the nearest place I could possibly get one.

    If some kind soul would send me one for Christmas I’d be glad to make all sorts of video responses for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

    Better break out the whiskey though…you’ll need it.

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  15. Jefferson Davis being an eejit! {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”Jefferson Davis being an eejit! “}”videoUri”:{“value”:””}}}

  16. Milton – I don’t go on about the book all the time, do I? This was totally disconnected, and a non-commercial enterprise.

    Kirk M – Order one on the Interweb! That’s what I do.

    RhodesTer – Seeing as you started this mayhem off, it’s right I suppose that you be the first. At least it shows that it works……….

    JD – …….. some of the time.

  17. Grandad – have you thought about going into acting or your own TV show? You have the voice for it alright. The Americans might not get your humour though and that could be a problem.

    I’ve been thinking about getting one of those webcams so that the grandparents can take a peek at their gorgeous grandchildren now and then, but the thought of me being in front of it is too much to bear. Plus, I haven’t time to put on the makeup for the cameras… hee hee…

    Tried to leave this comment yesterday, but I kept getting booted out of the system – have you set it up so that I can be eliminated? 🙂

  18. Tricia – Me acting? Ha! I may take over from The Plank, when they realise my talents? I didn’t realise I had a webcam for quite a while, and never really had much use for it. Once you get used to it though, it’s quite handy.

    No. You’re not blocked. If I wanted to block you, I’d mark you as spam. 😈

  19. Ah well, so much for trying for a freebie. I’ll have to start spelunking around Tiger Direct to see what they have to offer. Hopefully you’ll still be offering this lovely service by the time I finally get one hooked up.

  20. Grandad,
    great to see and hear you. I am trying to get the camera. Hopefully I can muster up enough brain cells and make it all work. Would be happy to video share, seems a little more personal.

  21. Kirk M – Spelunking? What has caving got to do with webcams?

    John O – The theory these days is that you but something, plug it in and it works. [And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything] Of course some people like to avoid the personal touch on a website?

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