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  1. retrobates one and all. However there’s bound to be some interesting pieces there. Looking forward to a good read!

    When is your own out?

  2. Twenty Major beside a clergyman! Who’d have though!!

    My own is out in about four weeks. I have added a page to the site that tries to answer any questions.

  3. I’m flabbergasted to be in such an incredible list of writers that I know so well. I’m dying to get my hands on it too.

  4. NaRocRoc – When I ordered, they were warning that it may not arrive for a couple of weeks, with the time that’s in it. You may have a wait!

    Grey – I’m more than a wee bit flattered myself. It will be very interesting to see the different styles all together?

    Ian – No doubt he’ll be complaining that you are lowering the tone of the place?

  5. Baino – Stop complaining about books not being out in time. Do something constructive. Celebrate Christmas in March.

    RhodesTer – That’s me. 😉

    Bock – Where the hell are you? Too vitriolic?

    E Mum – Hah! I hadn’t thought of it in those terms. Nice!

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