How to find some spare cache — 16 Comments

  1. Unbelievable – there really are mad people around aren’t there? I don’t think I’ll join….

  2. And here I was going to shout and whine about you trying to teach me ANOTHER new webby-word or new thing to learn, when the list of things I don’t know about this online thing is plenty long enough.

    Bog hole, huh? heh heh

    I forgive you.

  3. I couldn’t find my car in Dublin airport long-term car park at 11 o’clock on Saturday night (do you know how big Zone Y is?) Something that fed the co-ordinates of my parking space into my key ring would have been useful.

    (BTW did you know that Biffo’s Chaos Levy is payable on all income, not just the usual income tax income. It covers things like stallions, woodland and ROYALTIES FROM BOOKS!)

  4. Thrifty – Do you want the coordinates?

    Kate – I can think of better ways of passing the time other than running around the bogs looking for tapes of Celine Dion?

    Susan – I’m glad. I like to be forgiven. It doesn’t happen very often. 😐

    Ian – They are going to tax The Book? Bastards. I’m emigrating……

  5. I don’t think I will ever trust you if we meet !!

    Do people really do this… ?, surely there are 1 million better things to be doing ?

  6. “Walking is for the wilderness” yes but I would be far more interested if it was a treasure / rubbish hunt. Put me in the next wild goose chase, but not alone. I want company if I fall in the hole.

  7. NaRocRoc – They have to call it something. Maybe Pat was the first to discover that it is impossible to get out of?

    Thrifty – You climbed all the way to the top of Willie’s Seat just to find a condom? *scratches head*

    Moon – Why not? I am very trustworthy? And yes – people really do do that. Just Google “geocache”.

    Welcome, John! Do you really want the coordinates of Pat’s Hole? Are you tired of life?

  8. Like the sound the this geocaching…I hope it’s as amusing as bluejacking – that was one of the most amusing discoveries for me…..there must be a similar mischevious use to geocaching….

  9. So where is this place?

    * is not planning to nuke it using one of those warheads “borrowed” from people *

  10. Milton – As far as I can see, there is no point to it other than discovering someone’s rubbish. The only time I will use it is if I’m caught flytipping – I’ll just say I’m leaving a cache….

    TheChrisD – Off the top of my head? N53° 5’32.63″ W6°16’57.80″

  11. Ah, OK. And…

    Ummm, what’s Baby Bear doing over there by that remote-control button with “BORROWED WARHEAD – DO NOT PRESS” on it…?

    “Wait, don’t y…”

    “I mean it, don’t touch th…”

    “What did I just tell y…”

    “Oh you little fec….”

    Ummm, I think we best clear that area…

  12. TheChrisD – If you have just nuked Pat’s Hole and spoiled my fun, I shall be very annoyed.

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