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  1. A fair point and well made.
    Some of my farts could hold their own in a gale mind.
    Some could wipe out whole villages.

  2. I was recently told my cholesterol was high and had to cut down on the crap food and drink. I’ve managed it, by and large (excuse the pun), and it’s not that hard to find good healthy grub out there.

    Someone should try telling the Minister for Chips.

  3. Dear heaven – nasty photos Grandad – I’m so glad I can cook – at least I know whats going into my meals….and, now I’m seeing the food industry from a legislatory point of view in my work – I have become aware of more and more of the hidden ingredients…..

  4. Thrifty – I’ll take you on any day [after a vidaloo].

    RhodesTer – I was about to programme Palm Springs into one of my spare ICBMs, but I looked up ‘phat’ on the webical. Apparently it means “someone or something that is phat could be entertaining, intelligent, attractive or otherwise to be admired“. I thank you, Sir, and the ICBM has been returned to the garden shed.

    Radge – I have managed for well over half a century without ever having had a McDonalds burger! There are plenty of places, if you have to eat.

    Kate – The bottom one is the nastiest! Now you know why I keep on about her [apart from the fact that she is hell bent on killing us all]?

    Daddy P – Having discovered what he said……. Thanks!

    RhodesTer – Have you been watching The Big Lebowski again?

  5. GranDude could stick you know!

    Was that first pic taken at the Dog’s Bollocks presentation ceremony?!? Did they eat the Dog’s Bollocks?!?

    “Most of the blame lies at the foot of fucking McDonalds, Burger King and all the other fast cholesterol take aways.” I disagree. If people don’t have the cop on to know that that shit is bad for you (and the discipline to not eat it) well that’s their lookout. If people are stupid enough to eat fast food like McDonald’s et al well then good luck with the obesity that lies in store. Restricting the number of fast food outlets is not the answer, that’s more nanny state than anything.

    You’re right, education is crucial.

    Maybe Jamie Oliver and yourself could brainstorm on this?!?!

  6. Well, yes, governments and advertising are partly to blame, but in the end it’s a simple matter of only eating when you’re hungry and then only enough to satisfy your appetite. And adequate portions rather than the mountainous platefuls that seem to be the norm nowadays. Corny I know, but a little self-discipline and common sense would solve the whole problem. And we thinnies wouldn’t have to subsidise health services for treating the consequences of years of over-eating.

  7. Just this week your last point came up at our supper table; that Miss Mary had a wonderful opportunity to set an example for us all (especially kids) as Minister for ‘Health’ by getting herself fit while in the post and promoting good personal health and nutrition. Instead, she’s become a walking symbol for the organisation, and it’s not a good one.

    I could go on and on here, about junk food. I’ll do you all a favour and won’t.

  8. NaRocRoc – I agree about the Nanny State. I am surprised [?] that with their draconian measures agains smokers that they don’t try and introduce that kind of legislation though. Another method would be to use airline baggage techniques – have a weigh-in at each hospital, and charge accordingly?!

    Nick – But why don’t people only eat when they are hungry? Are all those people in the street on the point of starvation? This is what has me mystified.

    Andrew – Wrong? No, Weird? Possibly. You get your coat. She’ll get her marquee.

    Susan – I have been berated in the past for attacking Harney and her weight [you wouldn’t if she were a man etc.] but her weight would be her business if she were anything other than the minister for health. She is an appalling example, even apart from her gross incompetence.

  9. The Canadian supreme court has just affirmed that Canadian airlines must provide a second seat free of charge to obese people. I kid you not.

  10. TT – Jayzus!! Why aren’t people weighed too? A 20 stone man should pay twice the fare of a 10 stone man? That would be fair?

  11. I just feel sorry for the poor moths you mentioned. What harm did they ever do to anyone to get stuffed like that?!?

  12. You USED to have a rule against images in your blog posts. In the future, I expect you to maintain your standards and not go for the cheap “funny” images post.

  13. NaRocRoc – Wanna proof read The Book?

    Sixty – When did I ever say I had a rule against images? It’s now wonder your comment ended up as spam!

    Thrifty – Gone With the Wind?

  14. Well, living in the land of the FAT, I do have issues with seriously obese people that moan, complain, cost more money on the health service etc, but eat, and teach thier children to eat at Macdonalds 7 times a week !, and the food portions over here are huge… but I do think that the individuals should be the responsible ones, not the restaurant, afetr all, I say no, and I will teach my kids to say no .. have some self responsibility….

  15. Hey Grandad, re. the photie of the three heffers; how would you like to be the meat in that triple decker ?

  16. There’s an awful lot of shite being spoken here by people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

    It’s like teetotalers giving the lecture to an AA meeting.

    There are a number of reasons why people are overweight, however I fear that naming a few here would result in a lot of sneers and chuckles from the saintly.

    There are few people with “big bones” and “glandular” problems, but there are many outside the lazy and gluttonous category that I see so many people being shoved into here.

    When I decided to give up smoking I was told it would be the hardest thing in my life to accomplish. Rubbish, I went from 60 a day to nothing over night but I never find myself lecturing smokers from the moral high ground. And the simple reason for that is that what I found easy others struggle with, and vice versa.

    I have the maturity and understanding to get that, which is what I see so many of the righteous here are missing.

  17. Bollocks. People, for the “large” part, are overweight because the eat too much and exercise too little.

  18. Gosh, this post hit a nerve. I too, have lamented the subject many times on my blog. I have two little ones who have never had a McDonald’s and when they went there with friends one day said they didn’t like the food. (I was secretly doing cartwheels when I heard that..:). But, friends of mine with young kids are constantly offering ‘snacks’ which aren’t an apple or banana like you’ll get in this house – but gummy snacks in the guise of ‘fruit’ snacks; cheesy crisps and the like, the list is endless. Children go to school with DONUTS in their lunchboxes. (I’ve actually witnessed it so it’s not hearsay..). I think I’m one of the few parents who makes their children’s lunch every day – most of them buy fat-laden high calories cafeteria food. (Not that I’m perfect by the way – far from it hee hee.)

    You hit the nail on the head when you said it comes down to education. When your parents are driving through McDonalds or the like every night for dinner, how are children supposed to know any different. My heart breaks for some of the children in my daughter’s class (she’s only 10) are actually obese already. It’s a true shame. I worry about the future generation honestly. I can’t believe Irish people have got into American habits. They were always walkers and healthy eaters. (or so I thought).

    Well, I’ll be off now to eat a piece of fresh fish and some brocholi for dinner. (I told you I was perfect didn’t I?) Glad you brought this up – it’s a serious subject.

  19. I wish people would stop knocking McDonalds, Burger King and the like – while also talking about educating people – they should educate themselves too…i.e. tell them to compare the fat, carborhydrate, etc. in each Big Mac, Whopper etc. and compare it to the lunchtime bap of choice from the deli, the scone and jam at 11 etc. and you could be amazed at the comparison. Education is they key – but slamming ‘fast food’ outlets is naive. How can you possibly put a ban on these places without banning Kylemore bakeries, Bewleys, Butlers..etc. it just does not make logical sense. Education is the key – look at the nutritional info. and make you’re own judgement. Knowledge is key – personal choice is key – not legislation.

  20. Moon – Whatever America does, we seem to do soon after. What saddens me the most is to see pre-teens waddling around the place stuffing their over stuffed faces with sweets and burgers. Not a pretty sight!!

    TT – There are times when you excel yourself. That is the stuff of nightmares.

    Maxi – Of course there are people with glandular problems and the rest, but one would expect these problems to be relatively constant over the generations. How come there is an explosion of obesity just in the last couple of decades? It is down a) to the fashion for fast, convenience ‘food’ and b) to a lack of exercise. Kids [and adults] these days spend their lives sitting in cars, in front of televisions or in front of computers. As for willpower – I agree. Some people find it easier to quit a habit than others. However eating is not necessarily an addictive habit?

    TT – Spot on.

    Maxi – How?

    Tricia – I like hitting nerves. It’s good craic! I can’t remember where, but I read an article recently where people were asked about their ‘five pieces of fruit’. A large percentage classed Jaffa cakes as fruit. Others classed a can of fizzy orange and some even classed fruit flavoured sweets. Sad.

    Milton – You cannot be serious? Are you seriously suggesting that eating even a full box of Butler’s chocolates is as damaging to the system as eating a Triple Decker Big Mac washed down with a pint of Coke? Did you ever see the film Super Size Me? 😉

  21. I agree that there has been an explosion over the years, but not every fat person is fat by being lazy or gluttonous. Just like not every person who became addicted to tobacco did so out of peer pressure.

    And I think it’s pretty naive to think that over eating can’t be or isn’t addictive. Anything that brings pleasure to a person, no matter how irrational or strange to someone else can develop into addiction or to a lesser extent – habit.

    To say it’s not an addictive habit, you might as well say the same to a heroin addict next time he shoots up.

    I’ve calmed down since I read this all first, but it’s not about education. Without wanting to sound washey about it, there can be some deeper seeded issues, most of which we as a society will never understand simply because we are more informed these days but still make wrong and willful decisions.

    Smokers know they will very likely develop cancer. Gamblers know they run the risk of losing everything and fat people know what they’re doing is wrong and irrational.
    It still doesn’t stop people smoking, gambling and over eating. Some people all at once!

  22. I am serious. If you indulge on/in anything including a diet of fruit and veg, yes, it will take its toll and will be detrimental to your health. Where is the money or propaganda in doing a shocking film about fruit and veg… eh? You will never see it. A balanced enough diet is the key. How do you do encourage people to do that – educate them to read lables and know their daily allowances. The state can help in that, so don’t mock their salt and fibre or whatever campaigns, they are just assisting us and that is their role.

  23. I’m delighted to know that Jaffa Cakes qualify as my fruit for the day! 😉 Now could you send me over a couple of boxes? You can’t get them here!

  24. Milton, I find 5 bottles of Corona a day with a nice wedge of lime in each covers me nicely for the recommended daily fruit n veg intake!

    Hadn’t thought of throwing in the odd mojito. They say variety is good for a balanced diet!

  25. @Maxi
    “I have the maturity and understanding to get that, which is what I see so many of the righteous here are missing.”

    Excuse me, but while attacking the commentators here for being ignorant you actually patronise them yourself. I always thought that being mature or not about something is for others to decide, not a self-granted virtue.

    Of course that not every fat person is fat by being lazy or gluttonous, but, apparently, most of them are. I don’t think anybody here is despising them, though.

    And comparing (over)eating habit to heroine addiction is a manipulation. Simply because one is a habit (in most cases) and the other – addiction.

  26. But carbohydrates ARE addictive, it’s why people crave fizzy drinks, sweets and burgers!

    Fast food chains all take huge advantage of that fact, but the product is rarely what you see on the tin.

    Did you know that the dressing on MaccyD’s caesar salad has more calories than a Big Mac?

    McDonald’s is ok… as a treat. Everything is ok in moderation, but that fact just isn’t stressed enough. Diets, for this reason are just as damaging as the over-consumption of junk food.

  27. @K8
    Carbohydrates are _addictive_ in the general, common use of the term. Medically they are not.

    Generally I agree with you of course – also about the diets. Exercise! 🙂

  28. I tried to find a sketch by Billy Connolly in which he mentions the other ‘excuse’ which I’m sure everyone has heard… “retaining water” – “retaining mars bars more like!” says Billy – so true.

    Couldn’t find that one but here’s one that relates to tt’s comment about the Canadian Airlines:

  29. @Jedrzej; You know they say the same thing about Cannabis, but it’s not true. Although there may be no chemical additive to induce addiction like in smokes, the fact that THC/refined carbs hit the brain and stimulate neurotransmitters means that there’s a ‘crash’ involved afterwards, a bad feeling that seems only to be soothed by more refined carbs.
    All I know is that I’m a really healthy eater, I love salads – my favourite place to eat is The Happy Pear… but at roughly 2am EVERY night, I get a craving to eat Nutella by the spoonful ’till I feel ill, then wash it down with 7up! Happily saturated with carbohydrates, I can then sleep. I’m not the only one, either!

    Also… look at all the many versions of the same saccharine shite (Space Gunge… Alien Goo etc…) on every shop counter in Ireland! Refined sugar will be the demise of the human race – how can kids concentrate in school when they’re constantly crashing and peaking?!? Chippers for dinner… Frosted sugar flakes for breakfast, Coca Cola for lunch?

    We might as well just add a constant dose of Ridalin to our drinking water, it might cancel the problem!!!

  30. K8 – I still agree with you in general, while still disagreeing about the carbohydrates being an _addiction_
    You said you feel the craving – but this could be hardly compared with physical withdrawal symptoms of a heroine addict.
    All I’m trying to say is that overeating could be an addiction (in the general use of the term) which has many physiological and psychological causes, one of them (and a very important one) being laziness.

  31. I ‘m addicted to laziness too 🙂

    Food and heroine are (loosely) related though, in that they fill a void – as you say. Of course withdrawal from the former isn’t a fraction of the withdrawal from the latter, but it’s still there. Withdrawal symptoms don’t have to be catastrophic to define an addiction.

    Somebody who decides not to binge, who breaks an eating habit, will most definitely feel withdrawal symptoms though. Depression/fatigue/crankiness etc… therefore carbs must be addictive. Considering that obesity disorders are fast increasing and flat-lining people by the thousands every year, I’d even go so far as to say that death rates from heroin users pale by comparison and is therefore a less serious addiction in the eyes of the W.H.O. Sounds stupid but I believe it’s true. I’m not making light of heroin addiction at all, but the statistics speak for themselves. People are happily killing themselves for food, and you can be damn sure it ain’t carrots they’re after.

  32. I just wanted to say that I just finished writing an article on bisphenol-A (BPA), that chemical Canada has banned in baby bottles – and it has been suggested in several studies that it has a hormonal effect that increases the body’s tendency to obesity!

    Now, I don’t deny we are so over-indulgent that we have a lot of hard work to wean ourselves off the treats (only in this time of recession, don’t we have a patriotic duty to buy the cheap processed food and keep their profits high? ;-}). But there is increasing evidence that the tsunami of chemicals we have introduced into the world have knocked many biological systems way off kilter… plus there is substantial evidence that those damn food ads do in fact have a brainwashing effect (I don’t have a tv). Plus, many people have been so stressed out by slavedriver bosses and insanen attempt to soothe stress… it doesn’t work, but that doesn’t stop people from trying… I’m afraid if everyone stopped their milkshakes and genetically modified fries, there’d be a lot more shooting or just stranglings…

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