In which I am called names by my daughter — 16 Comments

  1. Howerya. Nope, I don’t think I won the DB award from K8. I think you’re just teasing now. If I did I would definitely display such an award on my site, in fact I could go as far as to change the name to Laughing Dog’s Bollox Design, I would be so pleased. But I appreciate the mention!

  2. Ah nepotism is alive and well in grumbleland!! It’s a great thing to be admired by one’s children. And I don’t say that sarcastically. Mine’s coming home on Monday after 11 months . . squee!

  3. Jennifer – She was sitting beside me as I wrote the above and I asked her about previous winners. She swears blind you got one and is now going frantic over it, searching her site. So frantic, she has forgotten to collect Puppychild from school. *heh*

    Kate – Thank you. Lord Bollox intends to resume normal ‘going on’ shortly.

    Baino – Nepotism my bollox arse. You’re just jealous. Anyway, great news about ClareBear!!

  4. Of course we only talk about bolluk in the singular these days in our family so I don’t think any one of us could qualify for such stardom! I will await the return of your ‘going on and giving out’ and any award that my wonderful son would like to bestow on me!

  5. I finally remembered what happened with Laughing Lion’s award!!!

    It was back when I first decided to group my blog roll into zany categories… I added the ‘Dog’s Bollocks of the Month’ category before it was even an award, and Jennifer Farley’s was the first name to appear there!

    I never actually officially awarded her, because it wasn’t until Kirk M asked for a button that the award became a regular feature.

    I’d better go off and fix that 🙂

  6. Awards are like scabies, sooner or later every bollox gets them!

    Congrats Grandad. No better bollox!

  7. I notice it is spelled bollocks and not bollox or bollix.The English way perhaps? Time for me to Google. Anyway, congratulations Grandad.

  8. Kate – Do you have to rely on your family for awards? I would be more than happy to award you the Silver Haired Internet Technology [S.H.I.T.] award?

    Susan – I am wondering how Herself will take to being called Lady Bollox?

    K8 – Prat!

    NaRocRoc – It does indeed give me a tingling sensation.

    Jennifer – DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT???? You’re worse that Yer Wan on the Late Late.

    TT – Maybe it depends on whether one refers to a physical appendage, a swear word or a term of endearment? Anyway I thought you Americans never worried about spelling?

  9. But then I might have to reveal that my amazing red and blonde hair is all from a couple of bottles to cover my ‘silver hair’ !!!

    And besides I think you like giving people S.H.I.T – it just wouldn’t be special your dogship!!!

    But thanks anyway!

  10. You needed a reason to burn her Barbie dolls before? I thought the fact she had them would be reason enough to burn them…

  11. And all in all, fine company in which to be included. I haven’t been so proud of an award since Liz Strauss called me an SOB. I have to admit though, that at the time I was a bit disappointed when I found out that being called an SOB was actually a compliment on her part.

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