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  1. no idea – sorry! I have just got back and discovered a trojan horse and bucketloads of spam comments – goodness know why!

  2. I’ve never seen that.

    Maybe it simply shows you your own domain…you know, showing you the extent of your fan base as of that particular login?

    Ok, I’m out of ideas.

  3. Kate – All you have to do is insert a copy of your trojan horse into each spam mail, and then return them.

    Susan – My domain is world wide. I am all powerful. Actually, you inadvertently showed me what that yoke is. Thanks.

  4. I actually know what it is and it’s taken me 3 weeks, 14 reboots and 9 re-installs to get rid of it.

    I’m not telling you though.

  5. No idea and no clue (story of my life, but I digress) but I am sure that somehow America will get blamed for it all!!! Going to watch the Bears beat the Packers (sounds sexual doesn’t?)

  6. John O – It does sound sort of kinky.

    TT – Google Earth in miniature? I know what it is now, thanks to Susan.

  7. You know what it is now? Oh good, then if I ever get a laptop and decide to leave it on day and night and it craps out on me and I have to restart and then that little box with the globe on it shows up once the Desktop finally drags itself to life…

    …I’ll know who to go to when I’m wondering what the hell that thing is cause I sure don’t know now.

  8. You’re right, I haven’t a clue what it is.

    My laptop is acting up lately though, it might be time for an attitude adjustment.

  9. Kirk M – I’m surprised at you. I would have thought you’d be the first to get it.

    Maxi – As long as the attitude adjustment involves a 9lb lump hammer?

    Ian – I tried that version. The spell checker drove me insane though.

  10. Grandad,

    I’m surprised at me too, I know I should have been the first to get it.

    I still don’t get it. Must be a bad case of the stupids. Happens more and more these days. 😯

  11. Kirk M – Not half as surprised as I am. I have seen it hundreds of times before but just never noticed it!

  12. What? You don’t like the eyes following you around on the Linux desktop?

    It’s just Bill’s way of beckoning you to the America’s. 🙂

  13. I told a certain three letter agency they should not have made an icon for their covert monitoring software.

  14. Now JimC I thought I asked you not to point that out to people!
    By the way….It wasn’t us. nope, not us. Didn’t have anything to do with it. Not us! I repeat….Not us….we didn’t do it…..We weren’t home at the time. I was in the WC at the time. It wasn’t us…..nope, nope, nope……not us!

  15. CIA – He was referring to the NSA actually. Mind you, it does have all the hallmarks of the CIA. Who else would be daft enough to allow it to be closed?

  16. “Some nerds are going to suggest at this point that I should install Linux. Simple answer: I have been down that road. Fuck off.”

    This made me laugh for two reasons.
    You have a better knowledge of computers than me
    “fuck off”
    From a grandad
    Enough said!
    I love it when im procrastinating enough to visit this blog!
    More of the same Hi!

  17. Welcome Jim 🙂

    Whenever I mention a problem with my computer, some nerd always nips in and tells me to install Linux. I just thought I’d get in there first!

  18. I had some strange things coming down my line, but never this one.

    It is indeed annoying when the computer downloads some upgrades – and some of them, like security improvements, are quite useful – and then restarts without telling me or asking for permission. Sometimes it asks, but more often not. Never figured out why that is. But it seems that these unauthorised re-starts always happen while I am downstairs to look after the fire or to make myself a fresh pot of tea. How does the computer know that I am not looking and have other things to do?

    Since you know a lot more about computers than I do, I won’t even dare to suggest what the little map could be. But as you said meanwhile, you know it by now. Any chance you might share it with us?

  19. Emerald – I am a great fan of Mozilla Thunderbird as my mail client. There is a new version that is on test release, and I am using it [ominously code named Shredder for some reason]. The little world is the mail notification flag that pops up when a mail arrives. Normally I don’t even notice it, but somehow it was getting detached and was ending in the top left hand corner. Serves me right for using software that is under test.

  20. Thank you for sharing the information. I have heard of Thunderbird, but not used it myself. I suppose one has to be more of a computer expert than I am to get to test a new software. But I am using the Firefox for a long time and am very happy with it. And quite a difference to the MS Explorer.

    Just got back from the capital and saw your reply. Hope all is well and wish you a good evening and restful night.

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