The Irish Times can be fatal — 16 Comments

  1. TT – Maybe mine is a new strain? Its mammy may have been overfamiliar with a badger?

    John O – “The news that’s easy to digest”?

  2. TT – You’re no twat. I like Soduko – it always sends me to sleep.

    Moon – What did you eat? The Irish Times? Crosswords? Sudoku? Guinea pigs?

  3. Moon: please tell me it wasn’t the “pellets”?

    Grandad, no news is good news and in this case it ends up where it belongs, out the butt and in the barrel!

  4. Well done Minnie!
    You could market that Grandad as the Greenest, Organic, Recycled ammo available … it even fertilises the ground when you miss, it’s brilliant. I see a whole new career for you, now that the book’s finished.

  5. John O – It just proves the caliber of the paper.

    Susan – I do my best for the environment. Just think of the good work I do using dog shit to practice my golf?

  6. I hope that rifle’s legal…

    * gets out G3 Airsoft rifle tricked out with huge-cap mag, ACOG scope, silencer, and fancy stock – filled to the brim with 0.25g BBs *

  7. Very interesting entry, Grandad. But the Irish Times can be dangerous and fatal enough even before going through a guinea pig… 🙂

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