Being uncharitable — 6 Comments

  1. Brianf – You are welcome to it. I have about 10,000 of them if you want them, though I never thought of them as being edible….

    TT – Towards charities, yes.

  2. Ah, junk. At least the paper version is good for lighting the fire; the e-mail version is nothing but a pain.

    Worse for Childline, it now puts them in the same league as all those contemptible fake lotteries and mail-order ‘enlargement’ products…that’s never going to bring them goodwill from possible donors. What are Pragmatica (or whoever) thinking??

  3. grammar check you front page

    Love it!

    Anyway, I’d never resort to those tactics when collecting for The Wife of the Unknown Soldier Trust.

  4. Susan – I have the greatest respect for Childline and can’t believe that they would condone this. I would imagine they entered into an agreement without realising the methods that were to be used. As you say, it will affect their reputation though which is sad.

    What the mail was about was the promotion of a book.

    All proceeds from the sale of Grabbing the Oyster go to Childline.

    On a website
    Where it can be ignored at will.

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