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  1. I dislike the Green party so much. I never thought it would be possible to despise them any more that I already do but each week either Gormley or that other muppet Ryan always manage to do something to make it so.

    With a bit of luck there will be an early general election, they will be booted out of the government and we can all turn on our 100 watt bulbs in celebration as we watch them go the way of the PD’s.

  2. The best thing that happened was that the Greens went into Government. Now we see that when it comes to power, ‘compromising’ principles and ‘standing up’ against those they disagree with, they are the same as everyone else . . . .

  3. Well, I think Klaus is a cunt for carrying on the way he did. I also think Ganley is a very dubious cunt. In the interests of a balanced view I’m willing to consider all members of the government as dubious cunts as well.

  4. Robert – How come Gormley always looks miserable and Ryan has a permanent Idiot’s Grin on his face?

    Shane – Power is the thing. Principals are a secondary issue. You should know that by now.

    Green Ink – A good point. There are one or two independents that seem to be OK, but frankly I think the country would be a lot better off if they all shipped to North Korea.

    Thrifty – Succinct, as always.

  5. The Greens have handled themselves badly but the gleeful hatred that some people are displaying makes me wonder what their motivations are.
    How long does anyone think a new FG/L/Inds (and Green?) coalition would last for? Its first tough budget? The Greens have FF exactly where they want them now. They’d be pretty fucking dumb to walk away.
    If you have a pet issue (medical cards, education, vaccination) lobbying an injured government will be more productive than lobbying a new (but potentially very short-lived) government that’s busy with it’s new ass-groove.
    Thrifty, that goes without saying. Where did the idea we should trust the fuckers come from?
    Think yourselves lucky. If Green Ink were in charge you’d have your fucking finger chopped off for littering. Dump a fridge in the Wickow Mountains? Decapitation. Drive something over 2 litres? There go your balls. And so on.

  6. Shit. I vote Green Ink, them’s my kind of policies.
    And yeah, green bashing does seem to be “a la mode” at the moment.

  7. My sympathies go out to you folks dealing with your amazingly inept government.

    Grandad: Since I’m currently about the waters of Ireland anyway looking for the whereabouts of your daughter, can I help in anyway? Cruise missiles perhaps?

    Anyway, if I finally get a chance to visit Ireland I’ll make sure to stop off at your government first just so I can disagree with them in person before heading to the nearest pub. One must have one’s priorities straight after all.

  8. Klaus is an absolute shit of a man. Highly corrupt with a penchant for young girls. He is anti European Union and disavows man made global warming. He could be a Republican senator for Louisiana.

  9. Green Ink – It’s not glee as such. It’s more a case of sadness at seeing a party selling its soul for the sake of a bit of power and a pension. Trevor Sargent had the right idea. As for the Greens having FF where they want them? Surely it’s the other way around?

    As for chopping peoples fingers off – what’s wrong with just shooting them? Bock and myself know how to do things.

    Kirk M – Why taint yourself by visiting our government? A cruise missile would do just as well?

    TT – It just amused me that Gormless should apparently get into a strop about this business. If I dropped over to visit you [and I’m a sometimes obnoxious bollox, so Herself tells me] would you whinge if I nipped down to the pub one evening?

  10. And Gormless is pissed because Klaus is in cahoots with another shit of a man, the neo-nazi , USA defense contractor Mr Anti Europe himself. God knows what dastardly plots those two shits will be hatching.

  11. tt – Klaus would never be elected in Louisiana. He is neither an angry black nor a former member of the KKK. Louisiana only elects one of the two extremes.

  12. I wasn’t talking about you Grandad, what I’m talking about comes from comments on various blogs. It’s just funny that people claim to be so disillusioned with them. What were they expecting? Rendition flights and Rossport were the creatures of FF. Tara was already under way. If these Green haters know where the magic wands are they should point them out to John Gormley.
    FF had the Greens where they wanted them. The resignations over medical cards changed that. The Greens could now walk and take down the government. That’s the best position a junior partner could be in when it comes to getting what it wants.
    I’m not defending the Greens, they were fucking stupid for going into government in the first place. It meant that they had to make consensual agreements at the cabinet table instead of being everyone’s magic moral high ground fairy in opposition.
    As for cutting off fingers, I like to give a sporting chance.

  13. Grandad,

    You have to admit that at least it’s better than when the Church (either one) ran things. At least you can throw the Government out every five years; the bishops go on forever.

  14. Green Ink – The Greens should have walked over the budget. It contravened most of their stated policies. If they had walked, they at least would have redeemed themselves in the eyes of the public.

    I like like to give a sporting chance too – at least five seconds before I start firing.

    Ian – You have a point. As a survivor of the John Charles McQuaid era, I can say from bitter experience that they were that Bad Old Days. Unfortunately, if we throw our government out, they just walk straight back in again.

  15. Grandad,

    Fine then, cruise missile it is. Then I’ll charge the buggers for my time and expense after the smoke clears, ordinance ain’t cheap you know.

  16. ordinance ain’t cheap you know

    Don’t I know it! Those Scud missiles cost around €50 each on eBay.

  17. Excuse me, is Mr Gormley the same very chap who wanted to differ speed limits according to nationality?

  18. Hmm, I need to be sure before I definetely choose him as my favourite twat.
    There was one guy who said that Poles are responsible for so many car crashes, that they should have lower speed limits. Cute, ain’t it?

  19. Mr. Klaus buying Ireland as a present for Mrs. Klaus… 🙂 I like the idea.

    And with Czech influence we might even get some edible food and really good beer into Ireland…

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