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  1. see, and this is not funny, I know, but my mom and i would know all was right with the world, in general, if the news people decided to report on the fighting in ireland. thanks for the update. it’s been so long since i heard anything about it over here i thought the fighting must have stopped, reached a truce or something….

  2. Prin – Fighting in Ireland? The truce was signed years ago. The stuff above was just Halloween in Dublin. The kids all go ballistic on Halloween night – they get drunk and then beat the crap out of each other. When they have finished doing that they set bonfires, call the fire brigade and then petrol bomb the fire tender when it arrives. All good clean harmless fun.

  3. All why I declined an offer from a friend in Temple Bar to work on the door of his pub, went home had a bath and watched shite on TV.

    Good times.

  4. there you have it…another reason why i should not comment before i truly wake up…our kids must have gone to another neighborhood to wreak havoc…haven’t been outside yet but it was deadly quiet in the neighborhood.

  5. Well, Belfast is a haven of tranquillity by comparison. I didn’t even get any trick or treaters. I was ready with the flamethrowers but they never turned up.

    We have another problem though – home heating oil is running short in Northern Ireland because of the cold snap and we’re waiting for more oil shipments from England. I suppose down south you’re all flooded with the stuff?

  6. I suppose down south you’re all flooded with the stuff

    Just had the tank filled an hour ago.

    Mwaaa hahahaha! 😈

  7. -is it just my imagination or has civility and treating one another the way you would want to be treated left all of civilization? Can’t wait to see what happens, is it on Sunday, when the British Army marches in Belfast! Good luck to everyone up north. Quiet here on Halloween night, maybe only 20 of the little buggers came to the door and yes one was dressed up as Obama. I think all the Sara Palin’s were out looking to see if they could see Russia from there house!!!!

  8. Grandad,

    As an aside: a mutual acquaintance who speaks Irish says he gets cross at the national habit of mixing languages. He maintains that he will not refer to Brian Cowen as Taoiseach if he is speaking English. It seems odd that certain words remain untranslated when English is spoken – even I find myself using the term Gardai, and I haven’t a word of Irish.

  9. John O – Society has, indeed gone to the dogs. Maybe all your Sarah Palins got lost?

    Ian – A tricky one, as [as far as I am aware] there is no direct translation of Garda, or Taoiseach. Police and Prime Minister? They are merely English [as in British] equivalents, for convenience purposes. And do we refer to him as Brian Cowan TD, or MP? TD is Teachta Dála which translates as “Messenger to Parliament”, so I suppose MP would do!

    Mutual acquaintance? Hmmm. Thinking cap on……

  10. Sounds like a week worth of news for the entire state of Vermont. Perhaps I should consider moving to Ireland, sounds like a lot more fun.

  11. Kirk M – You’re more than welcome. However, you had better read this first. It might change your mind.

    Fucking savages.

  12. Grandad,
    I read the article from the Irish Times and the last section said it all, the “judges” have to get so tough on those that attack emergency services and hand down the most harsh sentence possible, fuck the bleeding hearts who will object, so that anyone who even thinks of interfering with those who are there to serve and protect will maybe think twice!!!

  13. Hmmm, best to stay indoors or at least away from Dublin on Halloween then? Okay, better pack the silencers as well as the handgun and high powered sniper rifle. Laser sights too I would think. Oh yeah, the night scope may come in handy also (toss into backpack, lands next to silencers). All’s that’s left is the grease money for airport security and that should take care of it. Anything else you can think of?

    Funny how it’s the 21st century and people still haven’t managed to grow up at all. It’s truly amazing that we still exist as a race.

  14. Dear God this is taking Halloween a little too far! As for attacking an emergency services vehicle I hope the buggers get named and shamed, not the sort of thing you’d expect in little Dublin Town! I’m rather glad we don’t celebrate it here if that’s indicative of the yob Halloween mentality!

  15. A long time ago, I acquired a halloween costume in Blackrock for, if memory serves, one shilling. Said costume consisted of a top, a bottom and a hat and was made of some kind of thickish crepe paper. I was nine at the time. On the eve I donned my costume with nought but a pair of grubby underwear between me and the paper. I believed, wrongly, that since it was sold as a Halloween costume it must be suitable for outdoor use. Within a hundred feet of the family home I was in flitters but amazingly kept on for the requisite two hours or so of ” any nuts or apples”. I think I’m safe in saying that I was probably the biggest threat to public safety that night.

  16. If you think that’s bad, you should visit Detroit the night before Halloween. They call it Devil’s Night!

    @tt I heard about the shooting and am sadly not suprised. Evidently, they shoot first and ask questions later.

  17. John O – The only way to treat those bastards is to chain-gang them and make them clear up all the mess. When that’s done, them throw ’em in prison.

    Kirk M – I presume you remembered the flack jackets? We take them for granted but visitors often forget. I honestly thing modern youth is regressing. Violence seems to be the answer to everything now. *sigh*

    Baino – If they were named, they would take that as a badge of honour. They would start attacking ambulances just to get their names in the media. Bring back the Industrial Schools!

    Paulo – That was in the good days of of ‘nuts and apples’. This ‘trick or treat’ is another fucking Americanism that has crept in that drives me mad. That’s the reason I normally electrify the door bell. I’m going back to that next year.

    JD – Detroit is worse than Dublin? Jayzus!

  18. One of the reasons for never living in Dublin.

    And with regards to Irene’s comment: when I lived in Jo’burg it was a well-organised and safe city. On the other hand, they also had this nasty thing called ‘Apartheid’ then… Perhaps there is a price to be paid for everything.

  19. On a more general note – I think that the problem is the corruption of our culture. For me November 1st (and the night towards it) is the old Celtic feast of Samhain.
    I have no time for ‘Halloween’ with all its nastiness and commercialism.
    It surprises and annoys me that the Irish – of all people – forget their own traditional feast and go instead for some fake American mixture of ancient superstition, religious nonsense, US commercialism and Disney.

    I wrote a piece about it myself on the 2nd. If you’re interested, have a look at this link… >

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