Paranoia — 20 Comments

  1. When the post man disappears and you have to resort to telegrams, then you can start to feel a little paranoid.

  2. Maxi – We have a version of the Pony Express here – it’s called the Donkey Express. It’s very reliable, when it turns up and doesn’t post to the wrong house. We call it Donkey Pong [because the bloke smells a bit].

    JimC – Good idea. An excuse to burn down the neighbour’s house again.

  3. just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you…y’know? i’ve been having the same problem, only i do have all my baskets in one egg. they tell me it’s me…cheap phone that’s causing the problem, i tell them it’s them…cheap/old lines. it seems to conveniently go out whenever i’m about to rip of a blinding post about mccain or palin…hummmm. then later it comes back on. would it do that if it was me. seems to me if it was me then it would always be me and not just selectively? went out and got another new cheap phone to no avail. this has been going on for over a month. gggrrr… sorry but you struck a nerve this morning. oh and it seems to work perfectly on the weekends when big brother isn’t in the office monitoring things…

  4. Prin – Is it coincidence that your line goes when you are about to post about McCain or Palin? Is it coincidence that there is a black van parked outside your house with dark windows? Yes, it probably is just coincidence.

  5. see, see, see, this is why I dont trust them cloud computing thingamagics (all your stuff is scattered across various locations and you go online anytime you want it). What if you’re comm line decides its had enough and wants early retirement? Major d’uh.
    WOnder who you’re connection is with, same one as mine perhaps – have been having major argy-bargy with them of late.
    Prin – that’s what happens when you slag off McCain / Palin, heh! Try slagging Obama and see if you get cut off

  6. ah geez, grandad, how the heck did your posting get in there afore mine, the cheek of it 😉

  7. can’t do that to check…would reduce my credibility greatly… oh sh*t there’s a black van outside my house??? dang, it feels like mississippi in the 60’s…

  8. All the comments are, of course, being posted by a bloke sat in black van at the bottom of the lane who wants you to think that you are communicating with someone.

    A friend gave us a handy keyring gadget last week: it detects open wireless broadband, avoiding the need of booting the laptop only to find no-one will let you connect.

  9. Grandad,
    Put on your flack vest, cover your arse, get yourself and herself out of there, go to the mountains and live off the land until…. damn I just felt a dart go into my neck, feeling woosie cant seeee oh the humanity save yoursellfffffffffffffffff

  10. Charmed – Don’t be ridiculous… clouds can’t compute!!

    Ian – That sounds like a very handy gizmo? Though it isn’t much use unless you have a laptop on your keyring too.

  11. Grandad,
    Woke up in a dumpster (and not from heavy Jameson ingestion last night) and my bum hurts a bit and my head has been shaved but I did not give you up!!! Let the games begin, bring it on and give it your best shot, one over the bow, don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, shite another dart but I think I am building up an immunity to it, getting foggy, did you hear those voices??????//I’m sinking, Ive fallen and I can’t get up,,, GD- keep your powder dry

  12. John O – I have been in touch with my embassy over there and reinforcements are on their way to you. Just remember my motto – “Illegitimi non Carborundum“.

  13. Grandad,
    Its not so much the grinding that I mind, but the nipping at my heels! May we all live all the days of our lives (paraphrase, J. Swift)

  14. Grandad,
    since you brought it up, one last thing which I know you of all will understand:
    “Qui bibit, dormit; qui dormit, non peccat; qui non peccat, santus est; ergo qui bibit santus est”

  15. You ever think your publishers are trying to kill you off, so that your book will instantly rise in value exponentially?

  16. The standard of service in Ireland is generally quite bad, and it does annoy me often when I encounter things like you describe. But if I am not happy with them, I tend to make a big fuss about it. So by now I do get relatively well served by most companies I deal with regularly.

    Some years ago, when I was still with Eircom, I had a similar problem and they just did not fix it. On day 3 I stood outside the door of their chief executive in Dublin and used some pretty strong language. In less than 5 minutes his right-hand man spoke with me, and by the time I got home the problem was fixed.

    But who knows, maybe someone has issued a fatwa against you…
    It tends to happen to writers from time to time.

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