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  1. Well..
    If we order it on Amazon, do we still wait until January to get it or will it come early (like for Christmas?)

    And how do we get it SIGNED? Any launch events or book signings or (egads!) nights on the LATE LATE?

  2. Radge – Celestial? Cerebral? I don’t know.

    Maxi – I’ll be chuffed if anything happens to it!

    Susan – Sorry! No copies available before January. Feel free to pre-order a couple of hundred copies though. As for signings and events? No idea. All that has to be arranged. Though The Plank wil have to get on bended knees [handier for kicking him in the teeth]. And thanks! 😉

  3. Congratulations Grandad.
    I thought it was an egg at first – my eyes are playing up this morning!!

  4. Congrats Grandad! I don’t think I could ever call you Richard though, it’s too formal. Can’t wait to read it.

  5. Surely you have a say in the cover? The picture from your blog banner is a far better option, I reckon.

  6. Kate – An egg from a brown speckled hen?

    Jack – No one is asking you to. I don’t answer to that name anyway. It would confuse the gobshite who types this.

    Karyn – That’s why I call it a working cover. I’m in discussion with them about it. I can’t use the banner photo for various reasons 😉

  7. Well I don’t use many eggs and I have been up half the night with the dog – so it could have been anything! Or maybe this glasses have given up on me at last.

    I suppose book covers tell a bit of the story…… are they’re any brown speckled hens inside?

  8. Congratulations! i had no idea…head up my a** i suppose. that head on the cover is just so not you…make them take it off please! it worries me. maybe a picture of the top of that cap you are wearing in the picture that we all know and love…we’d know who it was and we’re all that counts right?

  9. Grandad, that’s fantastic. I’m seriously looking forward to it. I’ll keep an eye out for the signings. 😀

  10. That’s no good…. It should be out for Christmas – Kate, that’s your Christmas present going to be late then – blame Grandad!!

  11. Congrats on getting it between the covers!

    Will you have to get the head shaved for the signing sessions?

  12. As that great philosopher* of our time once said….

    “You know when something feels so good but you’re afraid to feel good about it? So you kinda hold back? Everyone says, Congratulations, you must be so happy. And you say something stupid like, I’m just doing what little I can with what little I have.”

    Congrats ya aul baldy bollix. 😉

    * Vin Diesel

  13. Well, if we can’t have them until January, I suppose we’ll just have to move Christmas.

    I *do* think the cover could have been more, however: a few wee dream-figures around that baldy head of tourist-baiting, pint-drinking, award-winning, Plank-kicking, pipe-smoking fun?

  14. Kate – No hens. A few cocks male hens though.

    Prin – As I say.. it’s still under discussion. If necessary, I’ll shave the head.

    Thanks all. There isn’t that much more to be added. I don’t know if there are any signings [I doubt it!] or anything like that. It is, when all is said and done, over two months away yet. NaRocRoc sort of sums it up!!

    SHoop [I like that name] – I couldn’t say. It’s essentially a collection of the best old posts. I think they are aiming to grab the non-blogging community? Ask them!

  15. Look, I know I’m picky, but Head Rambles should be two words, not one. I tried to search for it on Amazon (I know you provided une linkage, but I was already logged in on another tab) to put it on my wish list, and it didn’t come up until I put in headrambles. tsk.

    Just saying….

  16. E Mum – That is worse than picky. I’ll be sticking a link on the site at some stage to stop you getting confused.

    Brianf – Fresh from your appearance on Sky News?!!

    Bock – You’re only as old as the woman you feel.

  17. Excellent, Grandad.

    But who is Richard O’Connor? Your amanuensis or your editor?

    Why does he get his name on the cover?

  18. Sixty – For fuck’s sake!! Will you stop diving into my Spam Box? I have to keep dragging you out.

    Ian – My amanuensis. He’s a sad tosser, but he said that if his name wasn’t on the cover, he wouldn’t do any more typing. *sigh*

  19. Well done . . .although it is a shame it’s only out in time for the Jan Sales. When in Jan, I have a mate coming out from Ireland he could bring a copy with him?

  20. 😆 I was waiting for that! Blame the publishers – they wrote the blurb [you can tell that by all the typos]. I have no idea where they got that from?

  21. Neighbour: Head Rambles Manor here in Glandoher is a bit like Harry Potter, the Tooth Fairy or Santa!!!!! Get my drift?

  22. But you’re a long-haired sandal wearing propellor-head!! This makes you look like Victor Meldrew!!

    Yay- this means I get to start calling you a Dick in public now 🙂

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