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  1. Gah!

    Soon enough we won’t have to open our mouths.

    Somebody will verbalise something, only for the person beside them to Twitter, ‘Talking is, like, SO 2008, dude.’

    Pass the Anadin.

  2. Aha another can of worms opened here or should that be another bunch of tweets twittered.

    Got to admit I don’t think its for me and I certainly wouldn’t have it on my mobile – that’s for photos and text messages…….

  3. I never use it on my phone (and my phone’s always support this sort of stuff!) – but do use it in my web browser….

    TheChrisD was right – he said we’d have to convince you that it was just like smoking a pipe – clearly it isn’t!

  4. I may be straying a little off course here but I wondered to myself- what tickets? What tickets would Grandad order? To see whom or for what event? Do they have gun shows in Ireland? Didn’t Joseph Locke die?

  5. Grandad, You are right on point, I could not have said it better. Want to talk to me, call me on the f’n phone. Also, don’t waste my time when I leave you a message, you call me back because you saw that I called but didn’t listen to the message that I left for you!

  6. Keiron – OK. Now that is a sensible use of Twitter. If I think of it as like smoking a pipe, I could try it? Where do I light it??

    NaRocRoc – I always knew you were intelligent. 😉

    TT – You always stray off course. We have lots of events here in Ireland that tickets are required for – bog snorkeling? bare fist fighting? Daniel O’Donnell?

  7. With you here Grandad. What’s the point of Twitter? ‘Why Facebook’ is another one of those things. Can’t we just use phones like we used to?

  8. I’ve been told to get onto Facebook and Twitter and all those, but what those people don’t realise is that at my age, whenever I learn something, another bit of information falls out the back to make room. I already can’t keep my children’s names straight or find my glasses; what would be next?! So, I’m leaving Twitter et al alone.

  9. Eoin – Welcome to my humble spot in cyberspace! I confess I joined Facebook ages ago. It now accounts for about 90% of my mail, but I couldn’t be bothered going through all the areas disabling mails. Pain in the arse.

    Susan – At your age? You’re only a Spring Chicken! Wait until you start loosing your false teeth in restaurants…….

  10. I think evolution will result in out great-great-great-great-grandchildren have 4 thumbs instead of two so they can text message faster. Either that or the cellphones will simply be integrated directly in to their brains so they can simply think message at each other.

    I am not sure that last one is possible. Careful observation has shown that brains and cellphones are incompatible, people talking on them seem to lose at least 30 or 40 IQ points.

  11. I made the pipe analogy, since I presumed it was something you do regularly and without thinking. Most of the time I tweet without thinking much, I just “do it”.

    It’s really something you do when you want to ramble on, but don’t want to make a full post for something that’s 2-3 lines long 🙂

  12. Okay, I’m going to get all defensive here and say that I USE TWITTER, but not to tell people what I’m doing at the moment, which would be insanely stupid because, like, who cares? But rather to make inane comments like..

    “Step aside, for this day is quickly reeling out of control and I wouldn’t want you to get crushed or anything.”


    “The lady at the Coffeebean laughed when I ordered a “synonym roll” and asked if there was another word for it.”


    “Well, here I am.. and there YOU are.. what now?”

    BUT, most importantly, I can now follow Britney Spears (@therealbritney) on it and keep up with her day to day happenings..

    “We were able to sneak away to Santa Barbara for a relaxing weekend! – Britney”


    “Just took the boys to the pumpkin patch!! ~Britney”


    “Brit is just spending a relaxing day with the boo boo’s. : ) posted by Brett.”

    Now, I don’t know who this “Brett” character is, but I can’t tell you how thrilling it was to find out – in REAL TIME – that Britney was spending a relaxing day with the “boo boo’s”, whatever those are. I think that’s what the kids are calling “the girls” these days. You know.. the “boobies”.. so it’s good to know that Brit is relaxing with her boobies.

    Or maybe it’s her kids. Yeah, that makes more sense, although I’m sure her boobies are with her too. It’s not like they’re removable or anything.

    But now I have to go “tweet” about leaving this comment, so all I can say is that it’s not the forties anymore, Grandad; you’re going to have to “get with it” sooner than later, else you’ll be left behind with your vinyl records and eight tracks and black and white TV and Philco radio.


  13. Jayzus RhodesTer! If you want to write a full post, then use your own blog. 😉

    So you are a keen fan of Britney and her boobies? I suppose it takes all sorts?

  14. GD, have you SEEN my blog? I seldom use it to put up full posts.

    I used to be a fan of Britney and her boobies, but then she got to be too old.

  15. Grandad, you speaketh the truth yet again. Tweeter is something i only heard of for the first time when i started blogging a few months back. And i cannot for the life of me think why anyone would be interested in the tedious details and inanities of someone else’s life.
    A couple of years ago i met a girl i’d known in school on the bus. It had been years since I’d seen her and i was happy enough to chat for a while. But once she started up with drivel such as “I wonder what my mum will cook for dinner tonight, i hope it’s barbecue chicken pizza, yum yum” I swiftly took the only appropriate action. I bludgeoned her to death with a plastic fork and buried her in the Wicklow mountains.

    The thank-you cards have only recently stopped rolling in.

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