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  1. You know me, Darragh – I never know what day it is. But I think you may have overdone the clock changing bit?

  2. You think you have problems.

    I figured out time travel last night and now I haven’t got a clue when I am.

  3. That’s my whole point though. As if that wasn’t bad enough my time machine broke down tomorrow.

  4. Thanks Grandad I nearly forgot to change my radio alarm – that would have been dreadful in the morning. My mobile is fine – I didn’t change it for the summer so now it’s right. Gotta work out the central heating yet – it was a new boiler so I have no idea how to change it!!

    And the dark nights – well I love candle light so they are ok..

    Dark mornings – I’ve always been a bit of a mushroom so no change there!

    Iraq – not for me – but Gran Canaria in a couple of weeks will perk me up no end!!!!

  5. Yup, why can’t we just stick to the same time all the year round? I’ve never seen a coherent explanation for all this twice-yearly pissing around. A standard time might even lessen my SAD. I loathe all this darkness, it shrivels my soul.

    You have a clock on your tin opener?

  6. Maxi – Could you let me know tomorrow if you get back to yesterday? By the way – please send winning lottery numbers.

    Kate – I always forget the car clock. I usually just leave it to confuse people. I must remember to tell Roger though. Hate dark nights! 🙁

    Nick – It goes back to the last war, doesn’t it? Something about getting the Landgirls out into the fields nice and early? I probably have a clock in the tin opener. I seem to have one in just about everything else.

  7. my wife solved the time issue years ago. I’d say decades ago, but she might read this. She is never on time for anything. In fact being with in one hour of the planned time is a major accomplishment.

  8. Yesterday you were 5 hours ahead of us, today you are 4 hours ahead. I figured it wrong and thought you were 6 hours ahead. Point is I missed the Chelsea v Liverpool game.

  9. Jim C – You don’t let your wife read this, do you? What kind of man are you?

    TT – At this rate we’ll be moving in, in a few years. We’ll wait until McCain and Palin are safely off the scene though.

  10. And the best thing is you can time this post to re-appear twice a year, every year! No one will notice and you’ll get a couple of days of handy posts. Just like that.

  11. NaRocRoc – Can I? I thought you cold only set ’em up to appear once? A standing order would be great – just set up 365 posts and get ’em to repeat year after year. I’d never have to go near the site again…

  12. Well we’re a day ahead and an hour behind. Daylight savings time here although big objections from Queensland housewives who blame the extra hour’s sunlight bleaches their curtains and confuses the cows.

  13. I have to ring the speaking clock every morning after the clock change – I just don’t trust that I’ve got it right until I’ve heard the comforting sound of the clock man. Only it wasn’t the clock man this time. It was bloody Tinkerbell! I didn’t trust her and I haven’t had to do anything at a certain time yet, so I’m still not entirely certain it’s happened…

  14. Solution – buy a radio-controlled clock. I woke up on Sunday morning to find that it had automatically set itself back an hour to the “proper” time 🙂

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