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  1. I almost wish I’d watched it, now. But Gerry seems to be everywhere these days, news, book, radio, blah. Is he taking over as part of this dictatorship plan of Thrifty’s, or what?

  2. Kate – We get yours as well, don’t forget. Belive me, RTE is worse. Five hundred channels of sheer banality. The only channels I watch regularly are BBC and ITV.

    Susan – I’m a bit sick of that book of his all right. However, last night he managed to breathe a little life into a long dead show which was quite a feat.

  3. I switched off when I saw Tony Curtis. I feared incontinence would set in – his, not mine. Over to Jonathan Ross later on? Tony Curtis again.

    It seems we underestimated the man. He has teleportative skills.

    I gave up again and put on The West Wing. Then I went to bed.

  4. Radge – He looked like incontinence was the least of his problems. Bed was probably a good choice.

    Maxi – Whatever about is failings, Gerry at least can understand the concept of humour. Plank drives me mad with that inane ‘Hah. Hah.’ that he mutters when he realises that someone may have cracked a joke.

  5. Tiernan was rubbish. He is not clever enough to do black humour, his remarks about the National Rehabilitation Hospital just came over as bad taste.

    Apart from the news, I don’t watch RTE at all – I just happened to be in the kitchen when the programme was on. It’s an awful format.

  6. Ian – I agree. He was trying much too hard to be funny and it just came across as desperation. The whole program had a pretty high cringe factor, BUT it was still infinitely preferable to The Plank.

  7. Ashamed to admit it but I was watching this last night. And Gerry Ryan did surprise me at how watchable he was. Although it was The Late Late Show, he brought his own character to it. The crowd loved him, he asked questions the guests seemed to enjoy answering and overall it never seemed as rigid or planned as a Pat Kenny show. It was by no means the perfect performance from Ryan, but it is certainly more promising than his previous attempts.

    Regarding Tommy Tiernan, he really has lost everything that made him a success. In his first video he had a joke about a donkey committing suicide. In telling this joke he made a particular noise to mimic the donkey. It was very funny at the time. However he has gone on to re-use this exact same noise, in different jokes since then.

    And there is also the obligatory joke that crosses the line, last night it was the National Rehabilitation Centre and the travelling community, previously it was the Special Olympics and The Church. Its as if crossing the line means he is instantly funny. Many comedians cross the line, but they do so in a clever manner which can be appreciated.

    Whoops, was this about Gerry or Tommy, I cant remember 🙂

  8. Gary – We all have little secrets that we are ashamed of. That pretty well sums up the program. It was a bit of a mess, but I’d prefer a bit of a mess to the starched poker-faced usual.

    Steph – I think I’ll just get earplugs and go back to my books…

  9. Guitar Hero is the best waste of time ever invented. That’s what.

    I can’t believe how easy you were on our wee Daniel. He’s Ireland’s punchbag! Bless his wee little cotton socks.

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