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  1. Can’t help you with the marbles, but if you’re needing the SCUD manual back, ok, I’ll drop it by after supper.

  2. Thanks, Susan. I was wondering where it was. I launched one at the government, but hit Tallaght instead. The guidance is a bit off. But every cloud…………

  3. Wolfy – She doesn’t use the chopper any more. Something to do with load restrictions in the Chinook?

  4. Flirty – May I be so bold as to ask where you usually find them?

    Karyn – Never mind. Lost them a long time ago?

  5. Maxi – If you don’t stop handling my marbles and send them back to me, I’ll set Herself on you. Few live to tell the tale.

  6. Your marbles shall remain in my firm grip. The one known as “herself” does not scare me, I was in ‘nam.

  7. Maxi – Making a statement that Herself doesn’t scare you shows that you are truly delusional and probably quite insane. Herself was Nam.

    S Hoop – I have sent the nice men in white coats around to Maxi’s place.

  8. I was going to say there are plenty to go around, but with all these fecking health cutbacks……. *sigh*

  9. I remember working people’s fear of “The Sherrif” in d’eighties. Does he/she still exist or cutback to a letter with a harp?
    My Halloween Costume ideas are growing all the more topical…..

  10. Charlie, there was Charlie everywhere.

    He got hit by a live round and there were bits of him all over the place.

  11. Jim C – I wasn’t playing with them. The last time I saw them they were in their special marble pouch. Thanks for the link, but it doesn’t work. I wrote to Gregor in the Ukraine for a copy just in case.

  12. I attatched a buzzer to my marbles with a button on my keyring so that when I lose them I can find them easily.

    They’re usually down the back of the couch.

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