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  1. Thanks, Susan. I was wondering where it was. I launched one at the government, but hit Tallaght instead. The guidance is a bit off. But every cloud…………

  2. Maxi – Making a statement that Herself doesn’t scare you shows that you are truly delusional and probably quite insane. Herself was Nam.

    S Hoop – I have sent the nice men in white coats around to Maxi’s place.

  3. I remember working people’s fear of “The Sherrif” in d’eighties. Does he/she still exist or cutback to a letter with a harp?
    My Halloween Costume ideas are growing all the more topical…..

  4. Jim C – I wasn’t playing with them. The last time I saw them they were in their special marble pouch. Thanks for the link, but it doesn’t work. I wrote to Gregor in the Ukraine for a copy just in case.

  5. I attatched a buzzer to my marbles with a button on my keyring so that when I lose them I can find them easily.

    They’re usually down the back of the couch.

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