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  1. Fact of the matter is that the population can’t be trusted to do what’s best, and there fore have to be told what to do. Sure we moan about it when it happens, but if it didn’t happen we’d be outside the Dáil with placards asking why we weren’t told what to do to prevent something going wrong.

    I know it’s only light bulbs here, but it’s the same for everything.

    I lived in Lucan years ago and six months before the first load of floods that made the news people were warned that if they didn’t let the council in to sort the drainage, they could be flooded out. The residents objected saying they would take the risk. What happened? They got flooded out and tried to sue the council.

  2. The big issue that I have with CFLs is that they contain mercury and there are no clear guidelines as to how one should deal with cleaning up if you break one.

    Not only that fluorescent lights can trigger some nasty rashes in people who are sensitive to that kind of light. Speaking for my self I get a pounding headache when I spend any length of time basking under any kind of fluorescent light.

    It’s just typical of those green eco gobshites acting without thinking. I agree with what you say they should have done is maybe put a tax on incandescent bulbs to make them that bit more expensive than CFL’s. Let people make their own minds up about the things and encourage them to buy CFL’s but still give them the option of incandescents. Anyway, I ranted about this some time back over on my own blog here.

  3. Grandad,

    Since I live in the North, I’ll be able to get my hands on any amount of normal light bulbs, and bring them across the border. I’ll need a distributor in the south of course, if I’m to take full advantage of this opportunity.

    I wouldn’t be selling the bulbs either, they would be free. But a delivery charge 😉 would apply.

  4. robert: In general, the levels of mercury in CFLs is just too low to be an issue, even if they break. If you broke one every five minutes for the next year you might have trouble. You’d spend your time as profitably worrying about the level of uranium in the local granite. They do, however, pose a disposal hazard, and should not be treated as normal waste. Old-fashioned fluorescent bars also contain mercury, by the way.

    Also, if your fluorescent light is leaking significant ultraviolet, it is defective and dangerous. Modern ones, particularly CFLs, should not do this. Headaches can be caused by old flickery fluorescent lights.

  5. Maxi – I am well aware that the population can be fickle, but in this case, it is hardly going to change the world, yet a lot of people are going to be penalised. Our government always goes for the stick, while forgetting that the carrot can be equally effective.

    Robert – Most of the Elastoplast Laws that are passed in this country are passed without any thought to the consequences. On radio, Gormless more or less dismissed the mercury issue as being ‘harmless’?

    SH – Yup. Another reason to head north to do the shopping! 😉

    Jimbo – You are on to a very good idea there. I doubt the law will cover the issue of providing free bulbs?

  6. For April Fool’s last year I posted a letter to my husband on faux-government letterhead, fining him 3200 euros for “excessive emissions resulting in the downgrading of atmospheric conditions in the Cavan-Monaghan catchment area”, (farting).

    Great thing was, in this country it came off as plausible.

  7. NI shopping list: Gripewater, Sainsbury’s wine, electronics, anytin’ at all from IKEA, fireworks, bulbs, concert tickets….

  8. Bock – You are all right, thanks. I have been stockpiling them.

    Susan – For God’s sake will you shut up! You’ll be giving the bastards ideas…

    TheChrisD – Likewise. He is so fucking smug and he doesn’t seem to realise that he is doing little for the country except token greening.

    TT – Of course. What do you expect?

    Roy – You have to be joking! There must be very few things left that aren’t covered by some bit of legislation. Of course, enforcement is a different matter…

    SH – Anything except petrol [until tomorrow!]

  9. Not too sure why you’re all banging on about light bulbs. Is it important? Personally I use candles, but that’s another matter. Also we can still smoke in pubs here, one up on Ireland and England.

  10. yup, I can see why ya wouldnt want to ruin anyone’s Sundays with this one.
    When does the poking aorund in the dark start? I’m all for a bit of poking …. ouffffff, now, see what ya did, heh!

  11. Grandad,
    Too much legislation or not enough, who knows the answer until it is too late, evidence here in the States and our banking/wall street mess. Legislating light bulbs, next thing you now the paper to whip your butt will be legislated!!!!

  12. We have the same thing here only they’re to be ‘phased’ in over the next 2 years. The problem is I have 25 year old down lights and the fittings don’t suit the new CFL’s. Will the government pay for my new lighting? I think not. Although the ones that do fit, I have to say are remarkably efficient and last much longer than traditional light bulbs. Plus they’re bright so you need less. I do object to being ‘legislated’ into changing though whilst our local government buildings are ‘bathed’ in light even when nobody is there!

  13. It is a plaster on a big wound though. Halogen bulbs are the worst power-user of the range I believe. Jimbo, what’s the low-down-lights on those? All them there house-maker programmes said they were deadly…?

  14. Charmed – I hope you don’t think this is what I was going to write yesterday? That is long consigned to that place where deleted files go.

    Baino – Exactly the same here. From March, all 75W and brighter are to be banned and the dimmer ones thereafter [that way the government can stay in power longer?!]. There are a couple of fittings here that won’t take CFLs, and as for the lights left burning needlessly! You should see Dublin city from the mountains at two in the morning – it’s visible to the naked eye on Saturn!

    SH – I disagree. It’s a plaster on a teeny scratch. If you want the big wounds, look at the coal fired stations in China, or road traffic in the US. Air traffic also.

  15. This is coming form the same man who said that bray doesnt really need a fulltime firestation. My god this man is an idiot and he deserves to be sacked. if it helps i have a lot of light bulbs at home and you are more than welcome to have them at any time.

  16. Welcome, John Ongena! Sorry, but you got trapped in my moderation thingy. I have nothing against legislation in the right place. It is obviously right to legislate against theft or violence, but light bulbs????

    Jen: I missed your comment for some reason. The reason I’m banging on about light bulbs is that they are such a trivial matter. It is the principle of using legislation on such things that I object to. I’m thinking of emigrating to the UAE…….

    Vicky: Thanks for the offer. Hold on to them. You will probably need them.

  17. Now i’m sure that when I have looked in the past that thease bulbs are not suitable for use with dimmer switches. Has there been a recent improvement in the technology or do i need to go out and invest in a load of different lamps so i can have bright light to read by (or change the baby nappy)or low light for when the baby is sleeping or when the mode requires it.

  18. Grandad
    Glad to be back, thought I might have been relegated to “Head Rambles Limbo” with all the other babies!!!!! Light bulbs, holy shite!!!

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