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  1. You wouldn’t have these problems Grandad, if you’d have only left the Maltesers out for the computilator-fairies. They’re the ones who solve these little misunderstandings while we sleep you see, and all goes smoothly when he hit the ‘on’ button.

    My theory anyhow, and it works so far, so it must be true.

  2. Susan – I’ll try that. I have already sprinkled the blood of a sacrificed goat onto the keyboard, but that only made the keys sticky.

  3. Borrow one of those handheld PC’s and use it around the laptop.

    None of us like the feeling of being replaced by a younger, slimmer version of us that will do stuff we won’t.

    That should sort it.

  4. I was going to suggest the naughty step – until I read the bit about sacrificed goats. Christ. I’m staying well out of it.

  5. I think your laptop just needs a little bit of “throwing down a flight of stairs” therapy.

  6. OK, here’s what to do.
    Hire me to fly over there and fix the problem.
    While I’m there I will do a whole disc encryption so even your laptop won’t be able to make sense of any data on your hard drive.
    It’s probably better than argueing with it.

    ps. Don’t anthropomorphise your computers. It gets them upset.

  7. Maxi – Have you got one I can borrow? Would a mobile phone do?

    Kate – No more than normal… ?

    SH – Naughty step doesn’t work. It doesn’t seem to care where it is.

    TheChrisD – I tried throwing it through a window. It didn’t work. Know any good glaziers?

    Brianf – There is a cheque for $5 in the post.

    I don’t anthropomorphise my computers. I’m strictly a woman’s man.

  8. sounds much like the conversation i have with my pc on a daily basis, especially the past two weeks, and i don’t even have a laptop 🙂

  9. Prin – Your PC is schizophrenic? It thinks is a laptop too?

    Maxi – Thanks. It’s starting to behave itself now. I threatened to install Linux again 😉

  10. Laptop, I thought I bought this thing for a lap-dance??? No wonder I so feckin’ frustrated. Even the printer laughs at me, the bastard. Semtex, here I come!!!

  11. Grandad,
    If only you could get me some over here, I would be one “happy camper”. Oh well one can at least dream. Thanks for the offer, if I can ever be of any help to you, just ask!

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